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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Art and Vision and Warning - Is There Anybody Out There ? - Share Love

That amazes me is some art I made from a vision I had which prompted a question to a man I know and then an email response from him, who is a physicist and former (at the time) N.A.S.A. expert such as on the oversight committee as well as helping plan the Rover's flight and landing programming in particular.

No promise if cataclysm and no specifics yet chilling sentences of enjoy youth and love and do not let go or overlook the important things we should cherish.

The art and vision is inspired by studies and discussions with others... not just a fluke either really. ...and the future seems to keep unrolling exactly towards my thoughts and visions in subtle deja vu like ways kind of ... hard to describe at times.

I have quite strong precognition that I cannot explain but know exists and is truth and it's quite amazing. The awesome thing is that we are here in earth in a life zone and life could go on here for a long time... people on the other hand... well we hate our own kind so it does not bode well unless we have a catalyst towards evolving... yet still we choose through fear to devolve.

It's best to catch attention of others sounding shocking and crazy. You can pick because I don't care what anyone thinks of me personally... listen to the message because I guarantee the messenger aloof... but aloof does not a liar make.

My email to him was less then a year before Russia was struck and specifically spoke of comets which turn meteorite as they pass through the atmosphere and elliptical orbits and which types were more or less likely to strike us and why. I don't need to hear science I fully understand to heed a reply I fully understand the possible consequences of.

My first memory was seeing Dick Schramm crash in a jet at an airshow. Ask anyone in my family if that's true or not... they can only attest to me being there at less then a year old! I was born December 24th, 1967.

The ending could be that way... I realized it before I could speak well. I was about 18 months old. I knew a man died. I could not master the thoughts to the tongue and lips but I listened and I watched and I understood. I still do and know what I read in that email. Nothing is ever promised. Love one another and be good to each other.

The end could be like that beginning before me, my first memory, a big bang!

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I published this today at 12:58 p.m.and then this happened after wards !!!

R.I.P. another Blue Angel.