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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Defeating the Telomeres - A Short Story

Focus enough energy into one place to push. We do this already today.

Scale it up !!! More energy !!!

Build a craft for a man and focus the direct energy beam and beam the craft to a destination in a second.

Why is this so hard to do?

We are traveling through density not distance like we intuitively and incorrectly think.

We are energetic projections emitting photons of energy like radioactive particles emit energy during decay because they are hyperactive isotopes.

Gravity is really like falling into a hole... your drawn because you cannot fight the pressure pushing you down into the hole.

Earth in its own hole. Spacetime is more fluid the fabric... I think fabric is noe the wrong word and fluid is more accurate.

Scuba dive. 33 feet is an (one) atmospheric pressure! Meaning the same pressure in that depth exists as all of that from the atmosphere to the earth at sea level !!!

That pressure crushes, presses, pushes us and compacts us...

All that exists is nuclear in nature with varying levels of compaction. All thus is actually two dimensional and science is proving that at long last.

We are energetic projections... but what is the us inside? Are we the ghost in the biological machine? The strands of programming that make their own program by the nature of their arrangement? Each one if us unique,beach our own ghost within.

Share love. Emanate love with positive energy you manifest.

Nuclear forces and density... that's all we are... keep life inside the vessel and ill out and away...far out and away... do not invite it within through poor decision. Do not leave the doors to the castle wide open with poor discretion.

Now we must defeat the telomeres.

Little fukkers!

And oh yeah... all is reverse scaler design for nanostructure and nano has its own unique physics, be not confused on that issue.

Now let's fix the RNA and the telomeres and Live forever.

Are we eventually the Gods we dream up and of? Is that who God is... a destination? Yes, God is a destination where I want to forever reside quietly in awe of all that is... and what a view ... right?

Right ?

How do you like it over there?