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Friday, June 3, 2016

My View from Here - An Expert of a Short Story - MobiusTripz

A channel is fuzzy but a picture is forming in your mind's eye... wait...reception... lock thrusters and universal coordinates ... dock here.

Then a character on screen offers a monologue... a... from the mind speech out loud as he sits ready... waiting...


"Tis not a place for anyone too long, what once was this lush earthly womb, our Eden. The rains once scantily came forth nourishing these plants yearly which unbenounced to us here to now have lived starving, barely able to offer seed for another generation, so weak... and we thought that was usual and normal until now... more recently. After Six weeks of relentless rains, the elephant ear is now three times my height and once for decades only ankle high, the rains all too often nigh. It never once was a third this height in a single season, we knew not so how they could thrive. And the trees! Just hard to believe the swelling prominence they were so different and unrecognizable, before almost completely either to death we thought thriving. But today...

This morning, more specifically, the water has finally covered the jungle like vegetation completely. The weather shifted so very fast and as usual the deniers were left behind I'll prepared, certainly not on purpose but because that's how survival of the fittest is and that's exactly how it's supposed to work.

The house on stilts we rest in and it's been days now since it touched upon that earth, and twelve more feet we raise and then set sail.

The allegory of the great flood repeats in cycles a million times over and it's always kind of the same."

The scene fades as his house rises above its pilings and becomes untethered and gets carried further away through spacetime.

Out here in space the remote works pretty well and I think I will change the channel and see what is happening over in Andromeda now. Tobifht I may even watch some "Friday Night Videos" !!! This new cable service rokks !!!