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Sunday, June 5, 2016

I Am Program - Excerpt from my novel - MobiusTripz

I grew roots concerning my city I love but beyond my family and my country I feel my loyalty waning fast to anything else at all, as I observe personal pollution abundant and accountability for personal action at an absolute all time low! I think the lunatics may have indeed taken the asylum.

Smoke this, pop this, delete the people here, fuck them, take that we need it, I don't care about the laws... only about the moment because I'm now programmed to believe we are of short order as a Muslim could wipe me out in any instant. Is that not what they all want me to believe? Fuck... this Lyrica and weed is Trippy together but then this is all reality right? Right? So many know I stand for something, so many others don't know what! I'm confused too... I get I... it's hard to know... best stay in shape and get your ass prepared. It's coming. Oh yes, it's coming at us faster, faster, and did I say faster yet?

Reality... millions of miles per hour right in my face exploding like a bomb I cannot slow or diffuse to try to deal with more to help offer better outcomes.

I have a friend freaking out because he thinks his brother will cut him down with an SKS, another man, gay, was deleted by gangsters who injected him, which made short work, and then left him in his car to be found... yeah in his back seat of his car  decade after being "got capped". If your thinking, " Is it him?", Yup... exactly the guy and those that need to know the truth already do. The culprits... well... lol... here we come now kids... you really want to play fucking games with us?
People dropping left and right from all kinds of od's. Legal weed, K2, heroin and laced heroin. I dated the cunt Stacy that sold the drugs with Ralph that my friend injected and died. I'm trying to help these issues but you can get lost down here and die too. It's been a tough thing to observe and even with so much intelligence little progress gets made. Why?

The days of college were a joke. The professor's told me as professionals their hands were tied. Well mine were not I knew what my mission was and the best ones never are an order from someone else are they! Hell no, they come from that voice within. The ghost in this machine. Me

Maybe everyone would count me out as an alcoholic or a drug addict but really my life make Johnny Depp's acting look like childs play, and I love that mam as an entertainer, few more talented... if even one... but my point is its real in here. We each reside down inside a different black hole. Does this data ever get erased? Can it always be retrieved? Did you see, or would you like to now, those sicktards at the theatre and how they each treated me. Maybe I deserved it too. Want to see?

At the island we discuss much and share intelligence often through many various means. Wine to you is an order to me,... I Am Program!

But I have to get super sharp now and lay down my youthful ways and offer up what's left in service as I feel so much like I am running down.

I was designed at a military academy in a lab long before what became known as my birthday. This life has been planned to be quite spectacular and pecuiluarly tragic too, often making Shakespeare seem as something my soul would have read as an adolescent.

   (Excerpt from my book  I'm working on, I Am Program)