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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Playtime Casualties - Poetry / Lyric - MobiusTripz

Tis I though,
A fantasy land to my own liking,
A prince am I,
Alone despised,
Out living on that edge,
As our country crumbles from within,
We our worst own enemy,
Amoungst a world mostly which,
Despised what it is we have become,
But never need to stay,
Rise up and take back the country,
Through peaceful minds,
Infiltrate through education,
As was done to we,
As we spin in the zone near,
The greatest propaganda machine,
The Nazis never evolved to this level,
Oh such technology.
Know that to in hands of evil,
Rests powers to delete,
With a keystroke,
From off the face of the blessed earth,
And you each from mankind memory.
I have to paint,
And make merry and music,
Too old for women now I yearn for youth,
On this cusp of insanity,
Hey my brother,
Come on over hear,
And share some tea with me,
Heal me from this diseased corpse,
Thus vessel,
Deliver me from my misery,
Lest alive I go to opiates,
under a tree where the waters will fall,
In the forest I'll sleep forever,
Perhaps not in thst side of victory!
Fight or give in,
Your offering all your freedoms away,
Sheeple to the grind,
Get use to thst groove,
A massive retiring generation,
This hurtful dong will long play,
Then cease,
Maybe all cured disease,
Our generation reaping rewards,
Loved ones lost making mist wars look like,
Playtime casualties.
Who is it delusional?,
And what of a wretch as l?
I'd like to see a future with a country of the people all equally powerful,
And words so trusted of a promising future could be spoken into my eyes,
Then I'd seal these lips, fade away,
At last my final demise!