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Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Other Shoe Has Dropped - A Short Story - MobiusTripz

What is it that makes someone else so easily able to treat another person they appear to be close to so horribly wrong ?

How is it this can become a culture that is indeed formed and practiced and then found as acceptable in a professional environment or a social environment anywhere at all indeed?

Do we weakly offer them, the satist offenders, excuses they would not offer us if in the same predicament?... and let them to continue to steamroll all of us to have it their way?

Why do we tolerate such utterly blatant bullshit? Stand up and be loud and be heard as you state your case and give justice her voice so often mute, speak and state your case against another so loud and clear.

Or do we perhaps treat them in such a way as to make them feel overlooked themselves, taken for granted, and completely not cared a damn for ?... as made us feel have they ?

By this time mist mistreated individuals are boiling and steaming and cursing and stamping and picking up a head of steam of energy where they want to just rip a mother fucker's head right off his shoulders when they hear this voice and they see those wicked little pinpoint piercing black hole eyes of the wicked ones, and oh... yes...oh, trust me now they do indeed exist !!! As clear as a trip out upon high and you'd look back upon our city, these bastards do indeed exist all around ye now today for certain, as I watch a sentinel on that high I now do guard both day and night.

What are the scientific indicators for this type of sociopath or psychopath to be identifiable? And when so shall I dismiss this creature type mocking human and humane ways we of culture in our souls do so innately know.

These extinguishings are necessary to gain that upper hand where over our weakness  we shall easily rise above by string had so unexpected and so easily shall never seen at once so overcome... we struck with wicked swift vengeance in the silence if the perfect night through the shadows and so many last breaths drawn without a noise... yes... Operation Pindrop was a staggering success with full deletion achieved of over 500,000,000 psychopaths... dangers to society by definition... fully and finally extinguished. We finally evolved to protect ourselves ahead of time able to envision the wickedness they had been all along building up to and we escaped with our freedom and now never had to fight again. No longer can breed what is no longer of the flesh in example to reproduce. The race was extinguished and our last and final threat defeated or ... what about ourselves? Certainly we could be good to one another as before Operation Pindrop.

Before Operation Pindrop we had a different outlook and philosophy and it was as if we were doomed in our DNA to be hard wired as passive but our logic and rationale was easily able to override that feature or flaw depending on your own point of view, and we proactively removed a threat permanently, once and for all and decisively may I add?

Sociologically speaking, is it acceptable to treat others (them treating us poorly) this way if one is deemed a psychopath/sociopath ??? ... even if not violent ???, When behaviors are non violent they are often overlooked behaviors and many would intuitively think at first glance these other purposefully executed acts would have zero impact equal to that of violence, and then we realize one day that nonviolent acts such as verbal abuse as an example but certainty not limited to this act alone are equally devastating.

Where in society does the sociopath and psychopath belong if identified early? Are they always so truly a threat of one form or another ... either overt or covert... ? Always scheming how to get over on others and remove what is in their own personal way with no regard of anything beyond the self? How do we define and quantify these threats, these humanoid Luke creatures of utter terror? These generic freaks !!!

They do incalculable damage everyday undermining others self worth and therefore all future production in a positive manner because they are highly manipulative and able to strong handedly use their skills to their own advantage as we all would, or can they control themselves and still choose to be represented as living a life of principles?

Are they CEO's of companies already running the show as they steam roll over everyone with ZERO capacity to give a shit because of genetics or are they the hated and feared criminals in our jails and prisons already?

What percentage of the population do you think is sociopathic/psychopathic?

If you think you are staring into the pinpoint pupil sinister eyes of one of these fucking mutants shoykd you have the right to advance the adrenalin thrusters and then deliver a fist full of knuckles across the jaw followed by the alternating handed and devastating upper cut of upper cuts that snuffs life with neck snapping precision ???

Are you tired of all the selfish egotistical @ssholes that are so self centered and only thinking about themselves all lost in their own digital debauchery ???

Credit thieves advancing careers and looking like the sharpest tac in the box while stealing so many others hard work and smiling for pictures and padding their resumes, simply facades to hide wickedness, with lies, upon thefts, oh such thieves.

And then the other shoe dropped !