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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Thrice - Poetry / Lyric - MobiusTripz

Thrice I've held out a hand to lift thee,
and thrice I'm so denied,
too often this happenstance repeated,
lies now take more lives.

A powerful number,
A three dimensional base,
A place of positive energy,
Forever etched in these words,
Upon your mind a mission now brother,
Power above all,
ability to remove plagues and miseries.

Three over a third,
this powerful ratio,
Nine parts now alike,
With strength as origin,
I offer unto thee,
To nourish well,
Divide with others,
And repeat such,
Common courtesy,
May all at once so flourish,
Bread so now we share and eat.

Let's rise above the fall,
Above the blackness a beam,
Through and now defracted,
I am Light,
I offer freedom,
I offer experience and wisdom,
And indeed some pain,
It's life we are living,
Many losses,
Through greed no gains.

The Trinity,
Father, son, spirit soul all one,
I am my father,
and to he his son.

Thrice !

I am a knight,
In the night,
I am a black knight,
Now swift in your sight,
Strangely now you see me clear,
All cloaked in white,
You succumb to my sabre your death,
You then see light,
Spirit free at last,
Up next if you were evil,
Your entire family,
In your mind already now your wife!
But if instead a new leaf in your life at long g last desired,
I'd leave you with visions of change within and nothing except to inspire.

We see everything that is done,
We examine the planet an organism profound,
We travel in seconds fast by leaps and bounds,
From the skies fast we fall angels towards the ground.

And forever what is right we ride through the night until that day that we each shall so definitely humblingly die,
At which point we return to that sacred place from where we came when we on high.