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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Owning Your Challenge - Short Story

Own your challenge in life because we all have one or get one... at least one !

Choose life when making decisions and think carefully before actions and don't let string emotions make you act the fool ever. Give everything at least 24-48 hours to chill !!!

That's not talking about emergencies... in that time be the leader or stay by one close. The situations dictate the needs so fill the void and work together to mend and heal and save lives.

Now pray or speak with what it is you are committed too and know thankfulness to soon share.

Own your challenge and dont ever let it own you.

What are your resources? What are those goals ahead? What are your assets and what are your true deep needs... forget desires... they wait and are far better up ahead.

Now the challenge, maybe cancer, maybe asthma, maybe a broken back, becomes a back burner issue and you address it with lifestyle and nourishing changes for healing and greeting it with respect, this challenge you must know you will truly conquer!

Now organized and balanced in spirit and soul forward or maintain but not backwards I hold my lot and remove such burdens all without question and add only that which heals me today and far ahead. Maintaining all in my stable or realizing the inventory is too heavy and must be shed.

Now friendship must be of principle and character that leads the way or not at all. Family best be kind, or shall until future always but now stay left behind.

We all have different clicks for life and personal experience... perhaps I've disrespected that the most in others and too often been harshly judgemental however that's how sometimes I go along my way.