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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Density, Erratic Neuronal Firings, and Peace - A Short Story / Fiction - MobiusTripz

So when traveling we are not actually doing as it seems exactly what we think we are because personal perspective as a species makes us so truly in many ways absurdly blind.

Think only if you will how many ways science can see with instruments so exponentially more clearly then just us with such a perfect machine tied to quantum computer, our eye! Yet think again the power of science and how dark our view indeed. Lest we think more of ourselves and justify that thought in actions we live out through day to day, and though thinks karma exists not so soon one day you will find for yourself such truth, and what exactly this road yourself you paved shall become of you?

I believe what happens is we move through density if we are going from one place to another. Think of every trip you take as difficult as running through the forest in the middle of the night to get so.wwhere and with absolutely no help of any lighting what so ever.

Obe hundred miles of air between two points is so very safe to cross and thin in density as where two miles through a mountain takes even more such energy, or once with a ton (as an expression not a quantity) of energy so that like spacetime fabric we can tunnel through but at what type of power do we remove such a core of that which we yet understand. What we are trying to understand and comprehend is in reality mostly empty space to, however within that space nearly all empty is incredible directed energy set on course with aversion and a definite purpose and with many other objects of energy it shall meet and make such histories.

Avoid that which is dense and leaves even less and less empty space for which to travel and so easily more and more just traps away and causes super compaction like a tree or a black hole consuming light and matter into denser quantities and rebirthing these materials all again pure as new and these cosmic jets breathe air into the forests and through space for all of eternity.

The singularity is a repeated theme, dancing across the fabric of spacetime we breathe, in for out, and deep it inhales to exhale the passing of eons in so many different types of life and light such energy collected has been so quantified and defined such many and oh so many wondrous ways.

Two dancing black holes in perfect and fluid mirrored movements like opposing complimentary brilliant masters performing the performances of a lifetime and so recorded somewhere across spacetime now for all eternity, for all to hear and see, for one is a place we shall again belong before free will we think we are so free.

The infinitesimally minute size we truly are in a vast universe so vast that vast itself is unworthy as a word but equally respected for its strength as so it tries to express just what it means that which a mind so powerful is still so incredibly to weak and small to comprehend, yet never still to underestimate what universe there is too so within !

It's humbling to think we can even possess ego in the face of say, God, or the moon, or the sun. We are childish as ever childish can in such anyway possible so truly be and multiply that just for sake of wit now times three.

And so on traveling, it is often a place we cross through convincingly with our mind. I think to myself of what is this in scientific reality if I could see as does God see.

I see distance such as light years no such thing but really massive voids absent of light and so deeply compacted and densely thick that great energy so focused will be the need contained to traverse these longest of densities. It was this sentence that made the new ways of traveling soon to come root and conscience step forth out of these voids with energy manifested in form the body so we designed to across space for generations forward fly. We are a family of stellar star travelling astronauts sometimes for generations ahead on a journey already so been sent... travel so long lasting the history of man himself seems lost to time but which is really only just the length of the blink of the eye if ever lucky enough to be thought of at all  through this life and thusly so quantified ... lucky to have had such a chance and so hard still to believe we each have so been alive. Can we just respect life and let all else now finally wash away. All life deserves respect and with all life we should celebrate by sharing love and we shall prosper when we choose to work together more productive then alone and share with all our bountiful possessions and hoard never to suffer this mental illness after such experience for not again in the future another day!

Education shall be loved and shared by all and school can be set in a place in a smart phone and testing and quantifying skillets and societal worth finally changed and brought about at last such fair new ways which brought new days which ...

And density... and time travel... and super compaction... all of my theories... and who gives a good fuck about me... I'm worthless a burden to this society... I'm washed up a physical heap a mess... I want to die I must confess. Lived long enough with surgeries, disease after disease, a broken disintegrating spine my back, a childhood of molest. My first memory a jet crash in reading in June of 1968 and on 911 I heard the thud of the Pentagons audible fate !!! I've been awash in money and skirting that edge of fortune and fame, I know the bigwigs and so am I, just in time another passing known name, an artist, a game, so many so fucking lame!

...and then what of that this g with density??? And super compaction  ??? It's getting further away as the wicked world creeps back in the forefront of my minds conscience self, me and I, and I need to smoke another bowl to ward off that miserable often real world fucked up gone bad fantasy... I need medicated, so they say it here that way in the hills where I reside.

It's different out here. Very different indeed. People don't judge you! They leave you to govern yourself and if you have a problem with that they will quickly right your wrong with usually quite equal dispensing of that karna coming now at long last back for you shall so pay.

Rarely can i speak of physics and my internal thoughts with many... rarely can I discuss with deeply motivated passionate others where I want to lead us and why... and without some kind of excitement, fuck em' ... I'm not even going to any longer do my utmost best much less try. I think I want to grab a gun, make a stand fit something real, and make that statement clear before I die, I'll turn in my gun for a concoction to remove myself in peace ... no longer a burden... and especially allowed by law we must indeed our culture evolve... if so terminal of mind body or spirit and a doctor says agreed... then let's get on with living and let's get along for a change with dying and embrace a smoother transition only rationale and more ironically humane !

...And so my Swygert Theory of Everything Alpha Omega, dear lord !!! It must be all these drugs masking what is deep inside my mind coming forth blurred by fentanyl and marijuana thank God I quit drinking and the thousands of chemicals in cigarettes and women too these fucking vices for me all just pure misery... well it goes to my grave so you all will think but thats my own rabbit hole you see, and it all works out just perfect in there for me. What perfect in there for me us when you each are so pleased in life to and until then, treat me right I'll do my best friend to so serve you.

And so now we are down inside within or are we alive outside before concoction and concoctions and all that was or will be? My mind can run a million miles per hour and life from every angle comes at you equally this way fast and it's tragic calamity after calamity of misery and with this oldest generation it shall be a plague of death the largest ever recorded generation in recorded history and without the professionals, deeply needed doctors, we shall become liberal and concoctions and goodbye parties the norm of our remaining days.

I long for the ether. I long for the silence and solitude and sanctuary and sanctity of knowing nothing anywhere nearby is even remotely close to interacting with me.

And so of that stardust made I am I pass after these human tethers and slip these bonds of life into the Glory of the heavens and I drift far as the universe and further and further and further from one another we drift as we expand all one but unable to react with one another and without such cause and effect... at long, long, very long last now and finally,