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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Terrorism In Florida and The United States Today

What has transpired in Florida is horrific and what I expect and have expected since I witnessed the Pentagon struck on September 11, 2001 and as a student of science with a degree in science and a major in police science at that to happen increasingly more.

I'm not trying to scare anyone but we are at war here at home. Our institutions have eroded and some if them even infiltrated and I ask you to look at colleges today that speak out too often against the fabric of our country, not perfect and no where close, however the best example of freedom in recorded history without a doubt.

Again, we are at war here at home!

Do you not understand exactly what Jade Helm 15 was all about?

We (American military brass) are trying to figure out how to prepare an army for a fight right here at home on our turf in small towns, cities, counties, states, etc.v against terrorism and we also were gauging how easy it is to infiltrate communities as well as deem how easy it is to fit in without being a "known" quantity.

Recently upon the two year anniversary of my Mother's death, my family took a trip to West Point to be by her side. We were also blessed and delighted to hear a speech delivered by General Dempsey.

Before the speech I was fortunate to attend a small luncheon of no more the 25 people and during the question and answer portion, I asked General Dempsey, who I was seated directly next to, a question about terrorism, and there had been no discussion about the topic to thus oint, however it is most certainly the topic on everyones' mind all the time without question.

What General Dempsey, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated when I asked about terrorism specifically, at West Point in May of this year 2016, and my idea that perhaps we are really even possibly overly focused here, and therefore perhaps overlooking other different, or equally and possibly even more daunting threats,... he felt I was indeed correct and he also stated words to the effect of this message that better become resoundingly clear about freedom and furure generations !!!... he stated...well, the bottom line about terrorism is no one will ever change the way we choose to live unless we let them! I think it's indeed an important and powerful message to repeat and keep in the forefront of our minds.

Donald Trump thinks he has an answer to solve this as today he tweets we need to be tough, smart, and vigilant! Will, yes we do but as I listen to NBC on a Sunday during Ramadan while it appears a line wolf, a very, very poor assumption, attacked innocent people to us, or ..... to him and ...

Now breaking in L.A. we have a person that was headed to the gay pride parade and he was attested.

It's 1:56 p.m. ... we are under attack people, citizens, and don't be naive to this fact.

Why now during that pride week?

What do "they" want?

They want to ruffle our Eagle feathers so we will all flick together and elect Trump and then they can further engage him into a fight through appeal to his ego that is certain to make America fall, from within!

We had best very carefully stick to our fund and do not react emotionally to these attacks upon our soul and upon our people.

Remember, "They cannot change the way we live unless we let them!"

My thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of the victims of this tragic historic massacre in Florida.

Support all law enforcement and let's take care of America here at home from the inside out and share knowledge with your networks.

Every level of the United States has been infiltrated and that is most certainly a fact,... so know your friend and know your enemy better and keep your enemy close at hand too.

Study the crusades and study the fall of Rome and learn these lessons fast as we repeat such ways or appear headed in certain similar directions that don't have to necessarily be repeated if these lessons we d learn quite quick.

I think the time for more massive attacks by coordinated cells of terror will attack us soon, and today is only a mere glimpse of the truly catastrophic massacres to come.

I pray for peace but will certainly stand with education and experience and a finger on the trigger and promise to use whatever strengths and attacks I should need to stay less threatened against such aggressive thiefs in the night.

We must be sure bit to play into their traps !