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Friday, July 1, 2016

A Line for A Life - Tragic First Death With Tesla Auto Pilot Feature

I am a massive fan of Leon Musk and Tesla motor cars however of computer assisted driving I cannot be more clear then we edit our program one line for one life at a time !!!

Let's realize the shortfalls as far as we co.e in technology are costly !!! Priceless lives !!! It will be countless before soon in this type of technology blend where we can rely on machine over man at the most critical of times.

This my friends will be needless insanity repeated, mark my words !!!

The circumstance matters not exactly really, what msyters I'd that man gave responsibility for his life to a machine, and because nan imperfect built the machine, within that machine is inherent imperfection too never to be perfect in any sense. When man, and this was a man who served his country and was a (former but always) Navy Seal !!! , well this is a man not likely to make a costly mistake take in reality and offered his life to be given possibly as a marine in defense of other because he valued life itself !!!

I hope his voice here however terribly skewed by the media becomes one of a resonating gut instinct that should say when your gut knows you turned control over to a machine so new and a system so incredible but truly uncharted... well, best to trust your gut... and as we learn ex post facto then too we must be even better prepared against death on the program we try to best program against.

My prayers are to he and his family. It is a sad time in oh so many ways, please Lord let this mean the Feds put the brakes on some of these navigational programs we have running machines sometimes aimlessly, or sometimes not at all, even lacking such malice or forethought, and better test these types of real life situations on better testing grounds where there is no possible of loss of life.

What programming is offered now as an update, or do more people have to die here? We market and advertise to the tune of billions of dollars yo trust our machines, and this is not a glitch that will disappear in a moment unnoticed it will mist certainly repeat. In the northern hemisphere looks for spikes of this ad the sun is more intense to many drivers and perhaps the programming needs a perfect satellite sync with the time if day and even GOD so that the car knows if the sun is out or not... but what next ??? A construction site at night? Time for a mandatory recall and immediate legislation against driving these machines until a remedy is so offered, but carefully to I might add, as not to abandon progress and the safest cars ever tested with promising technology that will one day make gasoline energized cars and inhalation of these gases insanity from our past Luke lead in gas finally outlawed in the 70's and lead in make up and the plumbing in ancient Egypt.

Prayers as I am getting angry at this senseless loss.