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Friday, July 8, 2016

Oh My God Lemonade - Recipe for health


Fresh lemonade to taste (use artisan water) fresh lemons or lemon juice of course comma and fresh cane sugar not the bleach to variety.

Now add ment and Ice to the variety that you like and put that in your juicer and blast it a few times then poured in your cup and enjoy this incredibly healthy and super tasty drink we should all be drinking every day and watch his stomach Settles.

There are great vitamins and neutrals minerals in the water and in all of the things that we have added as ingredients as well as the Artesian water helps to soothe the stomach usually with high calcium content and then lemonade neutralizes the body and when the body is less acidic closer to neutral on the pH scale then we are a much more poor host for cancer and virus and that is a big benefit to us.

You can drink to your health and you can eat to your health.

Now to change this up a little bit put some fresh raspberries in there or separately not combine some fresh blueberries in there and you are going to have some of the taste is eliminated you've ever had in your life and then you can just drive it up to your liking with your juicer trust me you will feel healthy and you'll be thankful that you're able to read these recipes and then make them enjoy them. Trust me enough just to go make one so that you can change the way you think too because he wants to take one sip you'll be thinking to yourself what on Earth have I been missing and why. Do not let convenience steal your healthy way. What I mean there is on the Creek stores you can drive through and getting besides soda for a dollar that is nice but it's a loss leader for them and the way for them to get you in the store and it also leads to many people drinking for much more sugar than they need.

These new lemonades are incredible and so tasty and so healthy and if you experiment you can add different flavors to your own liking and see what you can make. The great thing to know is that these concoctions are healthy and you're doing your body a huge favor and you will definitely feel it right away.

Lemonade because it's Body Aid.