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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Eeeeeek Akkkkkk Ooooook !!! - Poetry / Lyric - MobiusTripz

Eeeeeek Akkkkkk Ooooook !!!
and so my spine clunks and chimes,
a broken out of tune chipped and tarnished never appreciated string of xylophone bars,
but so it chimes still,
Eeeeeek, Akkkkkk, Ooooook,
onward I move forward carving out ruts and trails,
living dreams in bits and pieces,
I was already once dead and from a broken back and disintegrating spine I still suffer,
and to never ever heal my certain destiny,
stop I shan't and won't,
so if not you see me often until back again I can be know you well my juxtaposition,
more often suffering each day this struggle still and I all an act just to appear normal,
and still I defend fierce my ground ever more as I try to defy all medicine and logic,
to taste a little more of life which eludes me faster,
still the more it leaves me to so adore and desire more and oh yes more,
Eeeeeek, Aaaaaak, Ooooook.
And my memory,
for another day and poem perhaps,
and the apologies and amends of family and of friends I still so dutifully owe,
Eeeeeek, Aaaaaak, Ooooook.