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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Alaska Was the Death of Me - A Short Story - MobiusTripz

It was reported that I died the other day.

It doesn't surprise me not one single thing changed or not want to fail to hit the floor all those two face bastards. Plastic and superficial pieces of shit nobody ever liked me for me anyway it was all about what they can get from me how much money I can make all my great ideas this that or the other I only acted all leave to see you would really fucking hanging you just couldn't stand me. The real good friends that she could tolerate a lot. But anyway I died man when I went to Alaska to check this shit out comma not a thing even changed, so like I said it was no surprise but here's how it went down...
I went away on a hunting trip the dream of my life six months in Alaska maybe even a year and somehow on social media a lifetime dream got somehow miscommunicated as Dreamin for the rest of his life which meant or got interpreted somehow that I was now in the heavens where dreams come true consistently and you expect nothing less. Anyway that's kind of how I understand it. Then apparently they just figured since I was so active on social media and all this shit all the time but since I just disappear in an I instant that i must have died, right? It's like when you go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings you go to Narcotics Anonymous meetings and then you were tending them regularly and all of a sudden you don't shut the fuck up, everybody knows you relapsed. Of course you can't go back for crying out loud,  you'rea fucking loser still even worse than ever now and you can't even win in that fucking loozerville game.

It's funny how the world is today like I've gotta finish this story quick because nobody will understand it because everybody got such a short attention span right ??? and nobody learns a God damn thing until it's too late so until I got your attention I might just act like I'm dead to you.

Fuck it !!! If you love yourself so much anyway, I just might as well kill myself now!!! What's the point of living if you can't talk to your friends and have a good ole time ??? that's what I was thinking that time I went off to Alaska to live the dream of my lifetime because I figured if I'm going to be talking to nobody no more with all this new integrated technology I think I want go talk to myself right there in Alaska when I wear always knew I wanted to be to start with, away from all this bullshit we living in today. Nothing but a pre-packaged pack of fucking lies everybody falling for Hook Line & Sinker. It don't matter if the fucking left wins or the fucking right when the game's already stacked from the beginning and you're all getting fucked by and your modern day slaves.

So yeah,... definitely Alaska. I'll never have another argument or another human being to let me down when I'm living all alone. I can't get arrested or ever go to jail when I'm out there living all alone. It's just going to be many nights with me and my dog howling at the moon living all alone happy and content to know a life with no more ever insanity and a life in the future I know will be so perfect and peaceful and one day by my own ways and means, all such perfect freedoms, forever still.

You know, I got a friend that lives out that way and we talked off and on social media and it's more real here often than it is there and I persevered and I'm still here somehow with help but that's how you dig in that's how you survive on the customer the age where things can turn quick and get brutal and if you're not prepared you're not going to do too well.

We are an amazing animal and species, the human beings we are, but we are brutal to one another and it's really all about survival... just count to three and think before you change the future forever. Let the process of thought take place with discretion but obviously don't hesitate when it's your life about to be lay to waste, right? That's how we are programmed. That's how we are programmed individually. And when we all start whistling That Tune collectively you better get out of our way because our kind will annihilate your kind and we will find a division line so needed to do so. Oh,  let me just make a couple of arguments and Lead the Way.

Lots of stores in short on time so I gotta roll here once again man so, for another day too I'll tell that story but for now it sure is funny how when I disappeared off social media it just got all twisted and turned around those last few words I said like it was the death of me it's just funny how all of these things happen today because people are having a, well I think old Led Zeppelin said it the best man,... we're having a Communication Breakdown.

Technology can only enhance humanity if we're all still paying attention to one another and learn how to put the machine aside for some time for one another to make each day.

It's certainly can make us more efficient there's no question about that whatsoever but just because we have a machine in our hands 90% of the day and that were utilizing it for work doesn't mean we should talk to or treat other people like their own machine. There's other people I want to knock the fucking teeth out.

That is another story for another day so anyway I gotta get out of here I got plane to to catch to Alaska and you might not hear from me for a while. It's been fun man I'm out of here.