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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hawking Radiation - Poetry / Lyric - MobiusTripz

I hope that when I die and I am flying high that the heavens where I reside are not a lonely place to be.

And when I get there above, and know nothing but only love, my spirit finally risen so high above, out of site at long last that earthy festering wound on earth our pathetic families' calamity.

Increasingly drawn away faster and over that edge once only known as the event horizon,
I thrust this craft ever faster testing the g force limits so far better then any thing man has ever flown in,
Flexible and able to itself adapt as several organisms really all working in unison to survive keeping out all threats and just best kept far away from in generally speaking sin,
Love your body, your vessel, your craft, enough to truly let freedom ring and survive to thrive together all alive living for all that's in principle the essence of what makes us each all without a single inkling of bias equal all together human no borders needed old paranoia die, lest we not evolve and all be forever promoting and raising and teaching our children only love, with anything else a sure ticket to shackles and chains and no right to be left able-bodied and allowed and be so on society free.

Past that horizons edge all these past lives' transgressions all so formerly seemingly unconquerable and increasingly powerful cease,
They bear no mark on time at all, not even as infinitesimally so small as insignificant, and beyond no decipherable data recognizable to any of us here in little ole' 2016,
But from the other end of the super collider from up here where I can see so easily,
so Shape Up and ship out for Noah's wrath always happens, it's the balance and rule that is equilibrium, humbling human beings on Earth who think themselves so massive, levelled so fast mentally for centuries not forgotten how truly measly.

But when that data is no longer legible and we forget the time shall come to be humbled once again,

Every religion and even things that claim to be non religion will claim that it's coming whatever it is and of course they're all going to be right speaking so generally of what's coming in the end,

What are the good words that you can carry for others so downtrodden and so close to death now to their ears their hearts their spirits so lend?

I know one day we're all going to be Awash in Hawking radiation,
And what a fucking hot day that's going to be,
and our memories will burn with past life experience and all the things we should have done, we could have done, did we give that person overheated and so sickly some water, time to think about it incinerated indelibly upon our mind liquid before forged and cast out to be steeple in countless eras for countless leaders, rulers, emporers, dictators, presidents for countless nations ?,
or did we let them feel the full impact of the collider's degradation?

And then blasted out of the jets from both axis we are blasted Across the Universe now birthed our own new galaxies and hopefully with each next projection we get better and evolve and leave this behind from what seems so disgustingly human, it's really us,... it's us we are this fucking sick, oozing, festering, disease.

A bad Acid trip where people are no longer hip and it's pretty cool to be Hawking radiation and I hope this wears off fast man because my dog I've got to dip because in our bed are freaking fleas.

It's All About physics antacid and chemistry and radiation and don't you know that it's ups and downs and reverberations and its citizens like us that are speaking out changing laws and taking back this nation !!!

Oh my adrenaline, oh my adrenaline, oh my adrenaline, I'll see you in about three million years again.

And we're all just going to die and Hawking radiation.