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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Glitch - An Excerpt of I Am Program

Every once and again I see this pixelated place in my field of vision. It usually blends with the background but not always and its usually give before the inner voice can say it existed... But not always.

Thats when I started to realize it was all part of a larger projection... I was part of a projection! I was program,...indeed, I Am Program. It hit me hard these recognitions, but unlike the assignation attempts in Colorado as well as Maryland in Interstate 68 with the drone ball at my Mercedes Benz with and incredibly strong windshield which they did not expect, much like the rental car we drove, me and my parents that day in Colorado. I looked back after my eyes were covered in powered glass to see if my Mother was still alive, thinking for sure a bullet had just ripped through the windshield. Upon late examination I saw that it was a rock that indeed had git the windshield, but no doubt fully intentional.

So this all seemed so very real but was it part of the program with a glitch? How could all this mean nothing ??? ... and with people chasing and trying to kill me? What did it all mean ??? ... and these glitches now all happening more and more often. These little pixelated areas in my vision. It all looked so digital, like something from back on Quanta. Well, enough of all this... I'm suffering from P.T.S.D. and this makes it just that much more difficult to maintain any type of normalcy at all. I've got to get back to repairing the super compacter and helping to get us returned to that other spacetime coordinate.

But, why, if even just a projection did they try to kill me? And who was it these next people the target of my next mission? Who were they? Focus... focus... focus...