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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cous Cous Pizza - Recipe to Promote Imagination - Best Pizzas

Homemade dough / crust form round

White pizza made by adding now

Dukes mayonnaise

Add layer of cous cous here,

Now layer with




On pan before making round

Sea salt and corn meal pan for seasoning, yellow for sweeter and white for dryer bland dustier taste still very desirable depending on personal tastes and dishes or drink to serve with.

On top and again right at end of even after cooking I'll leave it up to you... liberally cover with fresh cilantro or basil depending on Spanish or Italian twist

I'm an herbal freak so I really go crazy with lots if herbs so be as liberal or conservative as your taste buds dictate as you listen to that intuition you just cannot be wrong.

Imagine the tastes after all cooked up and perfect as you go...

Now add fresh diced tomatoes

Maybe add, parmesan and maybe feta with black olives if you want a Greek pizza and could have lamb chops in the side with pork sausage on this pizza and a nice Greek fresh sliced grape leaf topping

Change it up... Thus us just the basic idea if adding cous cous to pizza because it is incredible !!!

Look for my fully organic vegetable like ERs near free pizza recipes coming real soon as well as my ever famous now and fastest growing dish " Cous Cous Pizza Toppers".

These are diet and lifestyle choices that are meant to easily be embracef as adult and evolved choices that pay off with great taste and less waist!!! The flavors promote a lust and zest for life without leaving you bogged down. It screams longevity and makes you want to ear real fresh and organic foods as often as possible as well as stick to flavored water beverages and herbal teas depending on each unique personal reasoning and refining with medications and any other precautions. Think of food as your drug to help get you healthy abd work towards avoiding taking so many prescription pills as the body starts to heal when equally complimented with physical full body like impact casual and enjoyable exercise even just as simple as a walk in the fresh air with a friend, alone, or a lived one,... Whatever the circumstance just do it !

Served with fresh thick grilled pineapple sliced and charred in all sides.

Could be topped with salmon and cous cous and cheese with colored assorted pepper sliced and then at he

Also cous cous and rib eye steak then cheeses if choice all baked and in the end covered in cubed cucumber and olive oil with cilantro and crumbled feta all over the top.

May enjoy these as deep dish layered pizzas that are almost like a casserole.

The cous cous in the mixture offers an entirely new pleasure to pizza and covers the paste craving all in one meal.

Just be creative and sift through the recipe above and find what you enjoy. Always make fresh pizza dough because anything else sukkz and the  same with all ingredients !!!

Then listen to your inner stomach !!! Lol