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Monday, August 8, 2016

Transcending ~ Excerpt ~ I Am Program

Just think for every dimwit that is famous there are thousands behind the scenes doing the right thing... that feels so much more reassuring, and now who will stand up and act when instead they watch and let the rule breakers be ??? In only time will we see, in only time we will see, iz it you , or iz it me, we view life like a movie, you control the scenes, you control the scenes.

It was hard to believe they with all the $$$ that thought themselves special only because $$$ brought status, well, it was they that were the class which became the class that was.

The only people in touch with real suffering are the suffering and no matter any amount of previous suffering even, when you have suffered you understand the hopelessness of lost and shattered dreams and gut wrenching and hurting and screaming kicks that rip all you ever knew away from your very soul... nothing was even close to what you thought it was, and that perspective always changes ~ and its time ~ that you go with that flow and not resist and know the natural peace tat will surely be that humbles us each and slowly transcend these depths while shedding miseries, to know these ills never again and pure in spirit and light into the ether further down and inside with time speeding up but at long last on your side your dreams are always an instant now away and you dream them each night to only wake into them each and every next day, you have evolved, transcended, landed, in that place so high and exalted, heaven where between consciousnesses and rest is another universe of existence away, as you guide that change in your minds eye.

(Excerpt ~ I Am Program)