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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hillary with Orlando Mass Shooter Father ???

If this is true what are your thoughts on this?

We have a right which is in denial of their party collapse and inability and ineptitude to find leadership right now or to stand behind a candidate. The party would support Bernie Sanders more then it will support Donald Trump. Ultimately what the right had failed to realize is that the "war" at home, the political one we always wager against one another here, well it was lost in the institutions of higher education libg before anyone knew it. That which was taught us what we see ruling over us today ! You win through education not destruction.

Larry Hogan on Maryland is a republican that is a no nonsense leader that plays no politics and only selves head deep into the real life issues, analysing and understanding them and then addressing them the best way possible by today's standards. He us a no nonsense kind of man for certain.

Look what we are up against as a nation. I despise both candidates I might add. I only see two selfish egotistical pigs.

One will place our country in perhaps the worst position it's been in ages in an international sense and the other can follow the current administration's progress and agenda but seems to have no scruples whatsoever, which ultimately means she definitely is the best person to actually get anything done and she knows everyone and gas done all if this for ages. It will be simple for her.

But, should she have the father of a mass murderer seated so close by if indeed thus is true? He looks pleased and it just looks ill !!! He looks like an enemy happy to see something fall from within that he despises and that is an old paradigm that is shifting and it includes a body count !!!

We are already at war and tge history books will show that one day as it will be more obvious looking back.

We are having battles right now as people are testing the waters but moves are being made while many are in shock and disbelief.

Putin awaits like a fox as do others and will devour any mistakes made and we are igniting a shitstorm in the hotbed that is always in the middle east where we cannot seem to get away .

$$$ has power and influence and lives attached to it. It us what drives every single aspect if the modern world. For those that don't believe in faith... well, there is a lot of faith in a system like that, but I think it's only because it's backed up with fear of instant incineration if not complied with.

Our leaders can declare an individual a threat and order him or her or they exterminated.

I'm concerned one side is about to rob what's left of America's riches and I am concerned another faction is going to continue to erode the Constitution and further snuggle up to and embrace the enemy in some extremely naive political dance moves to rule the world these idiots are no students of chess.

This political chessboard today is like watching a bunch of comedians and crooks and bigots and bullies that cannot dance and the maje me think if the people from the black hole sun video.