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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Coping During Tough Times On the Voyage ~ Excerpt ~ I Am Program

Going out of my mind trying to find the time to make this all pass until things are calm once again and I'm healed and amoungst friends but until then I'm trapped inside my mind in the silver of time the way I see it exactly as it is for me and it's different then what so many refer to as our bullshit collective reality because that's all a fuckibg dream still to the common man that's still suffering inside a reality of a nightmare where never is there a moment of test living within a life of nonstop active PTSD. The mind can wield it's thought and presence at such a blistering break necklace thst it hard to believe, however, I think it's this same intensity that git us to Mars several of years after my terra-forming plan, well all if my plans really... Damn it this reality I made... I made it... Did I make it ? It's me again right? I'm always an astronaut? I am the author? I Am Program? Look at my name and was I not an astronaut named Jack? Excerpt - I Am Program