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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

French Toast Nutella Raspberry "Taste-Bud-gasm" Recipe

This is a very quick and easy snack date breakfast you can enjoy anytime your feeling naughty and was sone guilty measures.

This is a tastebudgasm waiting to happen and I promise you will be back to this recipe time and again !!!

I really prefer to take the time.e and make this with excellent French toast in Texas toast.

Make 4 pieces of toast (French bread is even so much better )

Butter each one

Cover each in Nutella

Cover each with crushed pecans

Cover each with maple syrup drizzle

Top with raspberries or strawberries or mixture of both fresh

Top with a sprinkling of confectioner sugar.

Add two to three mint leaves finally diced

Stack and serve on a plate alone and enjoy !!!