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Monday, September 5, 2016

Breakthrough Science

Beautifully mind blowing experiments with supercomputers !!!

Incredible breakthrough science here. If there is a "God particle" (will turn out to be a very poor term later) this us no doubt science that will greatly help crack that by as well as just about anything else we can possibly desire.

This could lead to the ability to learn how to manipulate spacetime even more so with electromagnet and lasers and other firms if focused energy, and there is great work underway at all of this today with rabidly growing successes as we advance these new sciences!!!

We are indeed at the beginning of a cery great time, indeed. A time so great we may safely harness nuclear fission soon and even may be able to reverse radioactivity amoung so many things today deemed impossible.

The real changes will be exceedingly fast when we have quantum computers.

Quantum computing has the ability to make it look like we left the Dark Ages once again, and that we left at light speed too !!!

It will show how to design the keys to unlock any intellectual conception we think of today as inventions.

I wondered if I'd see this in my lifetime resting about it all the time since youth. It's something that has just stayed in my mind and always been a constant thought and presence.

My prayers and concerns are that humanity does not impede before science gas complete and full lift off.

It is imperative that we are excellent stewards to the earth out host abd it us also equally important that we have greater and greater abilities as a species to manipulate all around us for our species benefit, and yet have we even come close to anything like that, but we are nearing a massive paradigm shift many thought could not or would not ever happen over $$$.

In order y break the $$$ paradigm something is built upon them you must demonstrate a greater wealth up ahead wherever are going !!! That has been done and now we can break free from the chains that have bound our species further, not on purpose or by sone sinister design, but because it is a part if the process we can now let go of with new infrastructure and less expensive mire dependable power on demand we can ramp up or down at will which will only improve with even better battery technology.

Now we have set the stage for some beautiful advancements and we as "mankind" must embrace this change and be bold. Faith says we are working hard through tough times and soon we will know a new victory !

What do you see as a modern recent technological victory for mankind?... or one that is so very close? Like perhaps a cure for cancer? AIDS? Hepatitis C ?