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Sunday, September 4, 2016

I Have Lived Again ~ MobiusTripz

I lived once again,
And now I look back,
my soul somehow having resided,
once again anywhere appointed to adapt,
I have so sweetly thankfully lived,
so once again now start to look back.

The sweetness in this soul has always somehow even rushed over me,
When others have tried so hard to hurt or crush me and I've always  come back stronger because I always do and wiser too and I'll gain your respects,
And I remember like this many times before.

It was always the same at this great epic empire's end and I just at that cusp of great success having waited weak a lifetime nearly past me by,
And then I went to sleep and waited that next day of morning,
It did not ever in that life again come now, nigh.

This withered body in age 70s + now soon about to give out,
I look for nutrition and I look for health in every place I seek,
I look for light and strength and all we have ever called it that beckons breath,
and tighter always this chest gets,
until at long last I rode that wave again !!!

I am riding that wave of life now and it's here in this present moment, in this very specific life's present monent, I shine a thankful glance from within through two beaming eyes upward bright and high into that sky where my maker above resides so glorified, for eons glorified. 

I'm in awe of how this soul resides in this craft and how further I must better pilot myself to be of service on my way ahead. What more awesome can one ask before they go about their day? Please value all life today. I pray for collective strength over weakness within. 


So thankful for life once again, so thankful for life once again.