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Friday, October 7, 2016

A Trip Within ~ I Am Program ~ excerpt 20161007

Expect and you so shall see?

Something deeper here?

Best read this as it's quite beautiful and subtly eloquent... Nicely in tune.

I think it appears because it resonates with our reality. It resonates because it is a vibration of our reality ( Tor exist ) that exists as a part of or by product thereof and more we will discover as science allows us to dive deeper.

It's funny how even just above voice recognition once to say that and even suggests an edit to, Thor exists !!! Lol... but in time did he not exist to as a by-product or something thereof that time?

Reality truly is Stranger Than Fiction, no? And why does voice recognition always wants to capitalize certain things does that mean that that's somebody's copyrighted title and now I will no longer be able to use it in my own sentences from my own mind?

Reality does start getting science fiction like indeed in The Minority Report type of a movie seems so much more likely in life all of a sudden, and to answer that one question yes it capitalized a title above so that other phrase I used must be a title recognized well and accredited to somebody. And so then what of word and who owns it? I know all about plagiarism and the law but are not things getting redefined daily? Just because you're not aware of it doesn't mean it's not happening somewhere.

I turn different channels on might be PBS or could be CNN or different channels on sling or something I watch on YouTube and it's almost like peering into a million different universes how many different perspectives there are present right now. All I can say is you better be a calm and peaceful and civilized presence or else.

It's all just mathematics there's going to be a certain amount of people that become ill when there's going to be a certain amount of people that leave earlier then the others that are fortunate enough to stick around and live long lives, and there's always going to be an ebb and flow and there's always going to be equilibrium and there's always going to be these certain types of constants present but the most incredible of these constants truly have stayed constant for epic periods of time.

It's also statistically 100% impossible to avoid the assholes in life but through science we have to have vision and look ahead and try to steer clear of the bullshit in our way and so may you use the math in your favor.

And so what now do you see?

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