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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Velvet Revolver ~ The Last Fight ~ Lyrics

This is simply lyrically brilliant, a dichotomously prophetic progressive take on an incredibly worthy "Beatles like" ballad... where, I will argue ...and you read it here first... that this is absolutely where Scott Weiland is at an incredible peak with his powerful voice. He has always had an incredibly powerful voice, but balance & maturity & wisdom & a type of artistic beauty that you can only find through experience. He would indeed fall from lofty heights when compared to his own previous highs while setting the bar in rock music.

I get the deep feeling that he felt far away and disconnected from everybody else around him and like he did not fit in. He exemplifies, "Black Sheep Syndrome", shy yet extroverted, deep and shallow, and I think it killed him in the end, this constant clashing of confusing conditions.  Sometimes prophecy is nothing more than self fulfilled, so don't be fooled.

Drugs stop you here. Dead in your tracks you scream for help to the nothingnes of deafness.

No doubt drugs and alcohol, and I only distinguish them so that someone cannot say that I left one of them out, will defeat anyone  in short order, & the body is already in a fight where it starts to defeat itself because the telomeres on the end of our DNA strands are shorter & shorter with each cellular life cycle.

2016 was a tough year but this guy never got the credit he deserved. He fell from Grace earlier than most this year and because of his storied past and criminal history due to that storied past of drug use and a parent abuse he was just glossed over almost as if he was insignificant. His story should be one of great testimony to have difficult it is to overcome the power of addiction and that money, Fortune as we call it, and they do not save anybody and in fact May almost promise a certain early death for mini. It's important to have people that manage your money and to manage your life and help to balance this soul and the emotions so that the spirits can have peace and that the physical and mental health and well-being will also strike a balance that resonates with the energies around and therefore positive things can be brought forth and manifested instead of the opposite which in its worst case scenario his death or also Transcendence that of which on the other side we don't quite yet and now but we know all of the ages for eons and before recorded history have wondered exact same thing the voice inside of each has wondered and so you already know that which I do not have to write up anymore. It's an arguable and it is inside of each of us, there is no doubt of that.

Scott's voice had this wonderful ability to absolutely try and send a song, and audience, food, and lives. His ballads were more powerful than most anything out of the eighties and his voice at its peak comparable to anybody in his daughter and indeed would take top honors in most people's opinion as far as a lead singer and having fantastic control over his voice and adding so much into a song and making the songs his and his bands and even at times when playing other people's material they still with his lead singing were able to transcend and make these songs their own while sharing with us.

Scott was able to own guns and roses songs that Velvet Revolver performed and he didn't have to try to prove anything he just assumed the role that a lead singer would end he put his own signature on the songs and they are equally powerful with shuttle differences that are unique to each singers strength.

Scott passed away and nobody really said much and I was in mourning because he is one of my favorite singers next to Axl Rose perhaps, or perhaps I should say more considerately I like him equally to Axl.

I knew Scott looked up to David Bowie. I've looked up to David Bowie - I've looked up to Scott, both for ages (voice recognition said that I hooked up with Scott, if anything else here is askew I apologize & want you to know why). They are 2 artists I have admired for a long time & so it was a "dub kick" in the nutz when Scott passed & then David too. It still truly deeply hurts me because I am an artist to, and it hurts so much it's almost like I lost a family member. I feel that way reading this and saying that now still.

I saw one guy who got no glory nd o saw another guy that would say he, or anybody else, ever deserves  !... because he was that humble.

What's the lesson there that you can learn from that? The beautiful thing about life is that we each have our own perspective and from our own perspective are observed parallel universes where oftentimes the same thing is happening but at other times distinctly different things are happening depending on who reports the events. Scott and David Bowie were on two completely opposite ends of the spectrum in most respects, but both with unequal artistic talent and Scott bestowed with one of the finest of voices rock and roll has ever heard !!!... and thankfully he left a huge volume of material with the Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver being his two main gigs as well as other material recorded shortly before his passing with, "Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts".

As we age the volume of our lungs decreases and we lose the power of delivery and that we can most often give and how are voice box for the Lennox can also become damaged and that makes it harder to control the voice and can also affect the range and typically what happens is skills diminish and range is lost along with control being lost to and it becomes increasingly more difficult to sing. There are several factors and when more than one factor start working against a singer it is extremely difficult to remain on the top of your game and most especially if you are a rock and roll singer and you are seeing in a very high octave. It's just natural with age that this is going to work very strongly against your career and the chances are that your voice box, you're their necks as it is properly called, it's not going to be able to age and maintaining the same type of voice as let's say Axel Rose when he was young or Scott Weiland when he was young for example. Sammy Hagar and Steven Tyler are rare examples of exceptional voices well into older age which those guys just seem to constantly defy. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule but don't be fooled very cute maintain that type of power and their voice and even though she got lost a little bit of his incredible voice he still was one of the best friend was only less compared to his own previous higher standards that he helps set for all rock and roll singers from his ear it forward.

One of my favorite quotes that says cheers to excessive drug use is...

"rock and roll is a partation disease" , he the next to make sure everybody realized if it participation disease. So there I think he saw his whole life but that he had the disease of rock and roll and it was full-blown and he was going to continue to participate so much so that participation was no partition. He had that transcended himself once again. Often what the addict is feeling inside and what they believe is their reality is the complete and utter opposite of what an observable audience would see and understand. I think perhaps shares at Ozfest to a degree, start to highlight the beginning of a very hard fall, but hey we all expected it right? Who

The true shame here is that we have all become so desensitized to addiction that we just accepted that Scott was going to die young and so there was less of an effort to try to do anything to save him because he consistently prove that he was only going to continue to do the same things over and over. There are many articles written in the last 2 years about drugs & the music industry & the reason the two resonate together so often... seemingly unavoidable. This guy loves his alternate reality and singing as a rock and roll star allowed this to be a way of life, and sadly death too.(Ozzfest 2005)

Always thankful for the art that remains behind and curiously wondering what it is that we have not heard yet and what nobody will ever heard that could have been. It's not for me to say if he left too soon but it sure feels like he did and for me it hurts just as much as all my other favorite artist that passed this year that number being so high and with more years like this to come I think it's time we all just embrace our cells. I think we should brace ourselves not our cells, but it's funny none the less so maybe we should brace our cells. Lol

I just simply hoped to end with a little bit of humor to lighten the mood and hope that somewhere in here somebody decides to choose life over death with the decision they make altered because they read this and realized that drugs shorten this ride, the greatest gift ever, that we get to share together and who would want to get off this ride when we are just starting to have so much fun? Reach out to some friends and ask for help or seek professional help and you can email me here and I'll at least give you some information so that you can get on that Journey because it's a great journey and we don't have to let addiction destroy us when we choose life we're choosing to leave that behind. Let's not let this loss be in vain. So much double entendre comma and as an artist I can tell you there's no doubt in my mind that all these guys want to check out just like this. A little bit mysterious and a little bit cryptic with this incredibly powerful musical legacy in the balance and a fleeting escape up and away and into the ether forevermore , blessed to be.

Do listen & sing along with these incredible lyric !!!

"The Last Fight"

Time feels like I've been back in jail
Like when I was doing time but in the can
Spend all night on a bended knee
Just to beg for something to believe
Left home with a pack of clothes without a family tree

This fight could be the last fight
No giving and no winning
One time could be the all the time
Should we decide to end the misery

Time heals all of the burned out bridges
Filled with nothing more than misery
I wear the mask of the embattled son
Trying to beg for something to believe
Left home with a pack of clothes without a family tree


Break the chains of featherweights and giants
With the stain forever lasting liars
They're afraid when we spit out the fire
And start living