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Monday, October 3, 2016

How To Eliminate Bed Bugs ~ Takes Long Term Commitment ~ Diatomaceous Earth, the Exo-Skeleton Buster and Bug Dehydrator

You need to have some perseverance because this is going to take some work and if you're not ready with both of those two things then you might as well not even bother reading any further at all and enjoy scratching your arms to pieces.

Well your back and either that or you stuck around to start with and you're determined and now and you know this isn't going to be easy but I'm just sharing with you because I couldn't find anybody else that would tell me the same thing that I guarantee you at least in my experience I beat these damn things.

I had to throw out all of my homes mattresses and my box springs.

Just as recently as 2000 and 12 me and a friend defeated bed bugs that have been infesting our home when we actually had other residents and before we had knowledge of it. The infestation grew and by the time we became aware of it it was quite a task to tame but we did it. It took a lot of studying and it took a lot of trial and error and more than anything it took reading a lot and developing our own way of treating the house and most importantly maintaining well ahead of time that schedule and which we regularly made a sweep through doing several exercises each time. I like to try to do things with no toxicity because I have a dog and because I just think I am a better Steward to the environment if I am able to do so.

One thing I just wanted to say here is that the diatomaceous earth I decided to use was food-grade diatomaceous earth. I just decided that was the better choice and that was the choice I wanted to make with no other reason. Again when you do your due diligence you find out what the difference is between food grade and non-food grade and then you can decide for yourself. Don't think about just yourself think about others in the household and pets. This is not a recommended treatment for those who have upper respiratory problems or any type of suppressed immune system.

This does not work on the first try so don't give up easily because I'm going to tell you it only gets worse and you will wish you never gave up to start with. You must get disciplined and you must find somebody to help you and work as a team as it makes this much easier to eradicate. You cannot be a pack rat and you have to be willing to say goodbye to clothing and things that are just better thrown away so you can make Headway more quickly.

If you were like me and so allergic these decisions will be simple trust me and please do me a favor if you're not like this but somebody else in your household is and has this problem please trust me and know that if you do not react properly and throw your things away you were only increasing their Terror which is so unpleasant. It made me want to walk away from my house and just stop paying my mortgage all together it is that bad when it happens. It is demoralizing. It robs you of your sleep and your well-being. It makes you feel as though everything about your life every aspect has been taken over by the God damn little bug Kama so impervious to everything it seems.

Well the one thing is always very difficult to beat is the perseverance of the human being that is determined and especially when armed. So get your protocol together and stick to it that's all I have to say and trust me you'll be happy a year from now and it really truly might take that long although you might be able to do this in a matter of weeks.

That will all really depend upon you and how bad the infestation is.

I wish you the best of luck and I hope you found this at least somewhat helpful.

Diatomaceous Earth !!!

What is diatomaceous earth?

It works wonders but you must do your due diligence first and understand exactly why it works and you must understand what else you need to do to prepare for this treatment as well as finish this treatment. It's not just a one step process and simple and easy and over.

And indeed it can take over a year to rid your house of these but you have to be persistent and you have to get rid of clutter.

Yo cannot have or keep:

Clothing on the floors

Thrown out what you can, wash what your any to keep thoroughly.

I did not seem to have any issue with clothing itself and just did my wash as regular but drying it in the dryer on maximum heat is a must !!! This an help kill any live bedbugs and can also kill any larvae if with in the clothing too.

Mattresses are expensive and indeed are a place where they nest. They wait until night when we are not moving around much and we are sleeping and because of the carbon dioxide that we exhale and air temperature they are able to come out and feast on us. They really do bite and feed directly off of the blood and it leaves quite a Mark that hurts like hell if you are allergic to them as I am. It is quite unpleasant not to mention it makes you look like a drug user honestly. It is disgusting and it makes me wonder if I've been exposed to any other viruses or bacteria that we just don't even know about yet. I enjoy all of these studies but I do not like to be the subject as has often been the case in my life with so many different true diseases diagnosed and other odd anomalies in my life but still I'm ready to keep on trucking forward as good today as any other day. The body has an amazing ability to bounce back as it is such an incredibly resilient machine. Very flexible and able to adapt on a whim. The Mind identical leading the way as the body follows suit.

Mattresses truly become infested and must be thrown away. People that allergic to them have terrible reactions in their arms burn 10000 times worse than a mosquito bite. It truly Burns and hurts and it makes you look very ill as it can be from your elbows all the way down your arms as they like to bite those places often but it will bite you on the buttocks and around ankles places that are exposed or big and warm. You can try heat and you can try freezing them out too but obviously this is extremely difficult to do you have to get the entire air mass to a certain temperature and hold it to that certain temperature for a very long time they are so crafty and creeping into the little teenies tiniest nooks and crannies this cave this easily and it's totally ineffective. Diatomaceous earth is effective because of the shape of the compound itself.

It is the smallest known particle to mankind that comes from silica and I mean that we know of without a microscope so to speak and it is very sharp on the edges and it also will quickly dehydrate these bugs as well as cut into their exoskeletons making them essentially bleed out because all they are is a little bit of moisture inside a little tiny bit of muscle hair is basically like one fiber a couple of brain cells perhaps and that's it and once their exoskeleton is cut the trouble begins. If you have them you must have worked diligently on this problem and if you're able to freeze them out and you're in a cold climate I suggest doing so and the longer the better but do not let your plumbing freeze be prepared. Good luck and you must find that source. Who moved into your house recently or what new article of clothing or Furniture did you bring home that was used? You can't be angry you have to solve the problem and make sure that it does not go elsewhere. Your house can be condemned so you must get to work. There are sprays you can use also and I suggest utilizing those and any other type of treatment you can find and afford within reason. Also before you start all of this call around and find some estimates and see if somebody can guarantee that they will rid your house of them and do it at a reasonable cost and treat first and only be paid upon satisfaction that it actually worked. Good luck and let's hope these things are getting tougher but it appears they are and in more ways than one truly. They are resilient and they know when you're coming to try to kill them and they run there quick. Best of luck I hope you never have to study them as I did. I will let you know though that I am fully Victorious and have had no problems and well over three years now and that was after a flea infestation and I handle that in house by myself with the help of my friend and our plan. The diatomaceous earth works wonders used generously and around bed framing legs and even on box springs is a great place but watch out if you have breathing problems as you can have respiratory problems instantly with this fine dust. Again do your due diligence or you have no business trying to even work with this compound. Best of luck !!!

So here are five suggested steps and a site you can look at. You need to clean first before you do the steps and then you do the steps as maintenance and well before any sign of trouble. He might have a good spell of no problems and then a let down because you find a few in this might happen a couple more times but remember we're making progress and we're definitely hearing that end in Breaking the birthing cycle.

I have had to deal with this before and what compelled me to share this bit of information today was this post which you should be able to find through the link below. I don't want anybody to ever have to suffer the way I did.

I was helping out a man who had mental and past substance abuse problems and he had been in and out of mini shelters before finding room at my home and he brought them here in his belongings. This can be absolutely verified and has been to me through other mutual friends who also helped out the same person.

We always have to help out our fellow brother or sister and we also have to first guard our own happy home or nest. You do not ever want to have a problem like this because it affects your entire family and I'm telling you I was so allergic to them I often did not get any sleep as they would it's like mad throughout the night and burn like crazy. Felt like somebody was pouring acid in these open wounds and then you would scratch them seriously and it was just worse. I am speaking far worse than poison ivy or poison oak or anything like that this is no comparison if you are allergic. You can read about exactly what chemical compound it is that makes that burning etcetera and you will find that in these links belonging in here concerning the entomology of the bed bug.