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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dyin' Slow And Easy

I barely eat a thing now, and my legs are getting skinny, both hands fit around my thighs as I disintegrate and disappear, but the pain it less so finds me. Insulated, isolated, running and hiding, trying to find a way, back to you. Im dying instead because the I choose because it's just too lonely living and going on without you and I'm losing this fight over and over every day and night but I've not given up I'm just aging and fading out too, in the end we all lose... We all lose. But up ahead my family, my brothers my sister's, my friends... Leaders... I'll be looking for you, in fact right now I'm looking for you... Might start drinking again, smoking again, because nobody really gives a shit, it's cheap talk and ignorant lip, whiskey I miss and I love you... And the rest of you I'm so disappointed fukk you! Yeah fukk you, I'm getting back to dying because there ain't no use in tryin' to find my way back to you so ever again. That's the past as sweet and perfect over and pain hurts what I miss and can never again so have. Whiskey take me away and soften these punches and falls, and fentenal please put me permanently asleep and numb because for this life, I beg you remove me of such misery. I live to much and to live I'm too dumb, I beg you remove me of such misery.