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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Cusp ~ On Or Over That Edge ~ (Excerpt ~ I Am Program)

This is why I think the old models of weather logistics are incorrect because from the onset of climate change all the numbers were immediately going to get skewed and only continue to do so at a rate that will eventually flip the old norms on their head, or have they not already perhaps? Faster then can be found imagined it's done !!!

So these old models (only recently becoming outdated) are already broken in the sense that anything is a true possibility now moving forward such that any catastrophic event in our lifetime is now definitely not out of the question, in fact with many actually scientifically long over due based on data sets available and long scrutinized by the finest of scientists and doctors and laymen too the world over.

This recent storm Matthew was an absolutely perfect example of an ancient tack cine back to life than could theoretically absolutely devastate many place along the east coast of the US as well as then next parts of Canada and on and on and that was all of origin from the Caribbean after viewing in the Atlantic off if the content of Africa. These strings have a range of possibilities that are fascinating, astonishing with the

So now we live in a day and age that is rapidly swinging out of balance. This is just going to be the natural cycle for quite some time now.

Now read it this way, this is now part of our natural cycle to accept and understand.

Now we each need to pay attention and with technology look far ahead and get prepared better then we are today and start spending billions on our infrastructure. Only then will we be the trend setter and competitive with the rest of the world.

All you have to do is pay attention.

The current paradigm has exceeded its limits and has maxed out and as we easily took so much for granted under this fruitful paradigm which was natural for most yo do dot such a very longtime, we were just not even close to ready for a smooth transition at all, were we? Is there any arguing that so now?  Anyone?

What is important as a species is to figure out how we are going to build and adapt around what we cannot control. I think it's a fascinating intellectual problem f the ages no one before us really felt so threatened with because fir then it seemed as though earth had indeed at long last settled and it's growing pains almost certainly over. Oh how we personify everything in such completely and utterly naive ways !!!

So these topics should not be anything that's really truly to be hated over or fight over or divide over but rather a wonderful engineering problem and a great problem for mankind and for the business man and all other walks of life, all if us, to cone together and overcome, because that's what we do.

Time exists because we as a species perceive it to. The X axis if time. If you cannot perceive it what matter dies it make at all and how ever could one species even begin to overcome the adversity that we do truly fave as a nation, much less a people across the world that should continue even faster towards working hard together towards over coming these goals.

No other species has this far seeing ability to project hundreds if nit thousands of years into the future or past, or the ability at all of our arts and sciences, or our abilities at  mathematics and logistics, and certainly we have, as we always do, the ability to survive, even if through perhaps massive generic mutation through fast natural selection we cannot as of yet project ourselves, as perhaps maybe only the situation brings about the ability and without that exact environment then impossibility for such. genetic change. Point is, more we don't know then do.

So, this should equally be fir si many and really all walks of life thus incredibly crazy exciting time of exploration as well because this is a situation we are all going to make a better world around us through. We are going to shift the paradigm and test the flexibility of our respective governments at the extremes and hopefully rise to meet this challenge while all learning to be even more respectful stewards and embracing new science immediately and building the finest of products and settling for nothing less.

I promise you if America makes it somewhere it will be purchased and in high demand because it will be the best in the face if the entire planet far and away and not even close !

That comes with building towards balance and respecting our host planet more then ever and to teach these principles deep into our new fabric we chose to swaddle ourselves in. To scoff at such sentiments is surely to throw pure caution to the wind with utter disregard and abandon in such recklessness where so responsible to others would be equal to nothing close to accident but rather utter disregard and immoral attitudes with obvious expected poor outcomes over time. We have many that do not give a shit as to this position. They are only here for themselves and their own concerns. Their language and actions make that always as clear as can be. Like liars with long and escalating lives of decades of breeding conspiracy !

For the businessman he should be paid well to follow the rules and even promote them and punished swift and harsh in manners displaying blatant disregards.

Likewise liars in politics shall be tolerated more and lying under oath a sentence of a swift and public execution to be witnessed by all and so televised to that good end. Lest, so many would never forget their way and upon the citizens prey as have so recently done with pure recklessness and abandon, showing no concern for the country, its people, or its guests or responsibilities and concerns.

Have we gone mad that we tolerate all that we have in politics and the lies that most certainly threaten our good standing and security? Why have we so quickly become spineless instantly excusing pathetic limp noodles of flesh ... A weak species not able to fend against the threat from within their own kind holding to some better ideal that at least in the human experience is at times certainly lacking, sometimes the ebb and other times the flow, but we cannot always wait and take these abuses unable to be absorbed without some greater consequence.

In the United States there has been a planned overinflating and theft of most of the wealth of the majority of the citizens, and that is a fact. Most just don't realize how organized all of this has been and even part enacted through actual legislation, this making this theft easier and  yes, legal. The lending formulas if ling standing that were always successful and fair in business and with no other such formulas able to offer the same promises at all, we have permanently been a victim to throwing our economic system out of balance and again, most if our value has been stolen, be it in paper or our gold. No one will step up and give a 100% accounting because they cannot and are scared of what happened if they try... And we... Once again... Accept this.

The old paradigm we once thrived under dies not anything longer work properly at this volume if a population with these problems dressing the situations and the systems inherent problems so. We have to look at projections of population after the baby boomer generation has passed on and see if then we will be able to handle the problems we have been so encumbered with for so long with such a massive size population. As a species moving forward we seriously need to consider this and stop being selfish to realize that childbirth is something all they're beautiful and something everybody should be able to enjoy may not always be the case and who would want to bring their child into a world where they can be faced with so much danger? These are questions only you can answer and you have to philosophize these things for yourself.

We have a lot to do here at home with our own infrastructure as do so many other countries and it's time for everybody to relax and let go of the money and start reinvesting in themselves again and that starts here at home and we have got to hammer that home to the politicians that we will accept nothing less than that.

It's time to start focusing on the issues that are what we need to address so that we can move much more quickly in more positive directions setting the example for the world to follow in so many areas as we si easily could because that is what leadership is all about and we do have it here... we just have to have some strength and have some faith and follow that leadership and let them have their shot too and a large portion of the populace needs to grow up and toughen up and stop being so overly sensitive!!!

I would like to see "Little America" or "Lower America" (I hate the way out sounds however stated) back to work again because it is a very difficult time in these small communities that make up most of our population. I don't want it in the face of turning g over great progress. It comes through growing and army larger and doing it with bases to supporting these areas where people will need to be employed, houses bought, and built, and sold, etc. and the mom and pop stores we thrived in and we're healthier under instead of mega stores that steal community and wealth, but it's your choice still, after all it's a free country.



Almost a systematic fleecing would you say ?  We agreed to it all too. Why?

We have great pride here in America and we want to compete. We need to just emulate those around us who have been able to and figure out how to do this. most importantly we know a lot about what is broken and it is time to fix it and stop playing bullshit politics so that rich people can get richer and control this Insanity that is not working and it's killing a country and it's truly a bureaucratic thing above all because we are too slow to change and that will be the death of us. our country here in the United States and our species as human beings seem to be a very paralleled places on the x axis of time and how little there might be left for each.

The weather is offering us this chance to wake up if we just pay attention to nature and listen to and watch her examples as clues as to what direction we should take as a species to be better stewards to her and to our benefit too, it's naturally just obviously a really good idea too, right.

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