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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Comey Stole The Election

Did Director Comey steal the election?
Even If so...
How do we watch the coffers very, very, carefully now? I'm telling you now, this is what we must protect next or our country is going to be bankrupted !!! Beautifully well orchestrated moves, and I've been perfectly correct in every step thus far but ... well, will, well, nothing.
Watch the coffers!
Don't be distracted !!
It's laws passed and not well understood by the general public that allow poor decisions to become normal policy and when it comes to normalcy, or the process normalizing, so that change can be affected so that in the bad ways it is exploited, to this end we must be damned vigilant right now !!! We have the largest retirement generation upon us and recorded history right now. Even though we have a trillion-dollar yet we still have cash in the coffers because that's how this all operates and somebody's targeting it and they're going to try to get it all.
This is no different than when all the laws changed for Lending and then the coffers were robbed through the mortgage industry. If you don't like big banks understand everything I have said here and then you understand how they become so filthy rich and what is called the lower class today doesn't even get a chance and tell the middle class either prospers or gets smashed, and right now it's been smashed !!! because it almost doesn't exist anymore. That means there's a lot of 1-percenters and there's a ton like 70-something maybe so called, "low-class"... That's most of us !
You can spot some numbers and do some math and tell us the real percentages to put some proper aspect on this perspective? 
We have no factories and we have no jobs & that's a fact and we have to build factories that conform with green arrows philosophy and it is time that we bring production back home and we have to do things efficiently to be able to compete and you might not be able to compete and then what? Well we can't compete and that is why Donald Trump wants to change policy and bring some balance and normalcy back but then wouldn't turn happens when we don't trade with these other countries they are not going to be happy.
What happens next at that point is while we are distracted with other countries angry at us in the escalating threats of War somewhere the cash out this appears while we are struggling as a country because the cash always disappears during these times.
We as citizens have a responsibility to safeguard our country against the type of tyranny that has recently threatened us and indeed possibly still does, as this "infiltration" was deep!
Comey, did he, the director himself, steal the election? The perfect game of chess and an entire empire toppled in short order. That's exactly what I believe happened. The intelligence community utilized their skills and influence and maybe even evidence to both save our country and influence this election perfectly through the use of powerful electronic trails left behind by others now being studied for legal infractions and even much, much, more.
Most folks just cannot imagine the power that some of these agencies have today at their fingertips even if they deny that it exists. We have seen how quickly they can influence anything they want to just by threatening to leak information or actually leaking information whichever works best in their ploy. Did they do it alone? Oh, hell no. Who was involved? Spooks... What are those... Time to do your due diligence. Mostly these are ordinary folks that just are tired of all the law breaking lying despicable people running things that know how you gather evidence and build a case and work with others while their lips are sealed as they go about their personal business whatever that may be. The greatest thing to know is that these patriots are everywhere and they understand the intelligence community is a necessary part of survival for a fair government to exist because there are always those that are evil through all of time, undeniably so just study history, and they must be taken down legally and quickly at times or patiently at times whichever situations might permit. These must be the real facts right?
The peaceful transition to Trump is critical for this operation to be a success and now to "temper" our President Elect Mr. Donald Trump. He will be a fine President and he will be surrounded by people that will not tolerate that he does anything illegal.
Future situations may not fit that protocol, so to speak and therefore for the greater good he could theoretically break all those rules and more in s covert operation because that's reality against threats !
Time for the population to wake up and realize that that is the way things operate today. There's a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff going on so just speak and it involved a great web of people and they're always there to catch people that abuse their position and they're supposed to power due to that position. I'm just glad to know that there's certain people around to keep others and check properly legally so.
We already have a great country and I guarantee we are going to have the best used in business that you have ever seen your life if you're young and if you remember Ronald Reagan these will be years that probably make those years look bad. America will now spring to life like never before and things are going to change in very quick order but we are going to find a way to employ anybody that wants work because we are going to rebuild our infrastructure now and this is something I have been writing about myself for years. And you paragraph I am glad to see a peaceful transition myself and I am not oblivious to the truth of what has transpired here. I hope Adrian Assange is giving some real Asylum and I think he is actually a great Patriot as I do Edward Snowden.
People look at these gentleman as greatly damaging to the United States but you have to look at the entire thing as a game of chess and as long as there is less loss of life overall and better situations towards humanity and at home better situations towards being legal in government, then we are moving in a positive direction, and hopefully now we can restore efficiency and start to quickly rebuild this infrastructure because we have a lot of people ready to enter the labor force and we will be doing a lot of construction !!! Trust me, like you have never seen before!!!
If you want to be rich it's time to start thinking about how you're going to invest and plan for your future and for your retirement and it's time to look with investment planner or start studying that yourself because that's the direction you need to move because that is exactly what is going to happen. Learn how to take care of yourself and plan to retire for yourself because nobody else is going to take care of you that is the lessons everybody needs to extract from all of this and realize that your education is your responsibility and you need to learn how to go get it as quickly as possible and that is by utilizing the resources that are nearby and respecting the law and in an orderly fashion working your way up which is not easy we all know that that is part of the experience and those that make it to the top are rewarded the best that's the way this works. You get when you deserve most of the time. The people at the top are not of the top for no reason, if there are people at the top that have played by the rules so to speak. Everybody has a chance to make it to the top because the American dream will be restored now for sure.
Did Jeremy steal the election? Well absolutely and this will go down in history as one of the greatest election victories ever.
On October 26th on my Facebook timeline I call the victory before anybody else was talking about it. I plotted my map and it's pretty close and I'll add a picture in here and also it's time line material on Facebook so again it's time stamp and I was correct. I have indeed been correct every step along the way if you look at my time line because I can see the bigger picture of what's Happening. Hillary Clinton is a lying Crook and the American people are tired of her sick disgusting ways and we will be going after everybody that is affiliated with her and very strictly scrutinizing all of this material and the bigger picture and especially these donations from various people and understanding their influence in the world and these donations that they made can be easily traced at the Clinton Foundation.
I'll just close by saying that Donald Trump seems to be a man of his word and I remember him saying something about her being in jail and some debate and of course I'm being a little sarcastic here too so I'll just post the video link.
I said I was going to close with that but I just want to say I'm not rubbing anything in this is reality so if any liberal says that a conservative is rubbing something in go fuck yourself. I say that very abrasive leave for the point that I voted for Obama for two terms and I have been a registered Republican all my life and it 48 years old I had never voted Democrat until Obama with the exception of Douglas Wilder as governor for the state of Virginia where I lived at that time.
Now and closing I just want everybody to know and realize that the state of America will never be jeopardized because there will always be sons and daughters and great parents that love this country and are a web of organised Patriots that will not let this country be stolen away and those patriots will put their lives on the line.Like Edward Snowden has done, like Adrian Assange has done, and the director of the FBI Comey has done now.
Sometimes others place all on the line if it's exposing the illegal Acts of others that are jeopardizing even more people and the country.
There's a lot still coming out in the wash and I think we're starting to see that now and it's all about power and to influence.
There is a Constitution and the Bill of Rights and that is the only law of this land and it is flexible and will bend just like the birch trees at the river during a flood but they will not break however, the people that break these laws will be held accountable and are going to prison.
I live in Cumberland Maryland and we are a beautiful city in Western Maryland and we have a wonderful federal prison here for anybody that thinks that they are above the law of this land.
I'm praying for continued peace during this transition.