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Monday, November 7, 2016

Happy Election Day Eve ~ Go Donald Trump

Happy Election Day Eve !!!

Vote your conscience !!!

Think about the future of our country and vote against the proven corruption we have already seen deeply and abundantly exists. Be peaceful and pray for our country's future as we together stand tall and vigilant ready to guard out polling places if so needed against any threats of violence. 

Go forward peacefully and calm but with great awareness of your surroundings and your cell phone fully charged when leaving home base.

We have a great and strong web of law enforcement and military men coordinated well against any threats through the finest lines of communication available today and many other ways known and unknown in which to always be in the best if communication instantaneously. It was a forte after 911 that was well focused upon and still always regarded as a priority in national security.

I'm personally looking forward to a fresh new start, although I understand others prefer a different direction still with all due respect I have a view I prefer shared, and so again a fresh new start in many directions but also a continuation in the positive directions we have set as well. We are about to skip on the already slipper for us anyway, stage of international politics where we suck and have for decades with no excuse other then that we have been paranoid bullies. We have made progress on that and many other areas.

We do need a much larger military and more funding in military and the sciences in general and jobs to support the tax base for this and nation rebuilding and I think I only see one candidate that can build a team fast and fresh and accomplish that.

I envision unity and growth and strength unseen since the Reagan era, or perhaps our demise if the wrong candidate ,selfish and corrupt, is elected in some twist of fate !

I endorse Donald Trump.

Who are you voting for and why?  I still have an open mind and hours to go before I vote.

Prayers my friends.