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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Deeper Meanings? / You Own the Life You Write and Live ~ Excerpt ~ I Am Program

These truths I have written below flooded these eyes with a river and a purge so needed I hope in word worth some now sort of gain, a transfer of this energy released somehow to further emanate a better and more positive influence I hope so gained.

In the last year within my mind wanders an idea about a permanent move to a warmer locale, and already I made it to my favorite place on earth a dream I've now lived and what of next and where will I, if ever, go?

Then these mornings if waking and adding wood to the fire bring deeper appreciation and balance back as well and when I'm able to temporarily escape the pains of my vessel and see the larger far more beautiful picture, I think how could I live without these lush hills where in winter we work a different way and grow fond in appreciation of the warmer days coming once again.

This winter coming I appreciate these days left of warmth so offered and hope to catch up or even get ahead perhaps if the best I can make of this time. 

My dog, she does not care, but for a cup of water and a meal and to snuggle and to love in the moment. She trusts in me and my friends that soon the rest will in balance remain as it has been and in her mind forever will be. For me it's an enjoyable mystery surrounded by the most incredible of mother nature in a way that's friendly for man to mingle within, like we were made for this type of incredibly lush terrain, a place certainly close as Eden must once very long ago have been.

Climate change is happening always and we must adjust to these shifts, and so civilizations have fallen, we have poorly thought, when perhaps they realized at long last after holding on to old ways to long to let go and start the shift that usually has lead to even better and better for our civilizations by far in the long run once again. We are at the end of such a now ancient paradigm and it's awesome to watch that shift, to be a part of that shift, to see it's design and where we fit in, further psst where my life will most certainly quickly come to a humbling end.

My dog she wants my pizza and a kiss and so I oblige and sip days old coffee and get wood now for my stove, deeply thankful for this beautifully unique and so special and sacred to me view. Thank you Father.

Excerpt ~ Deeper Meanings? / You Own the Life You Write and Live ~ I Am Program