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Friday, November 4, 2016

Intelligence Community's Current Coup

There is only one question today that anybody should have and that is is there truly a coup being led by the intelligence Community right now or is there a appearance of a coup that is led by HRC and is fake so that people feel that her downfall is imminent and so they rushed back on their heels and as I'm ready she pounces because she is an excellent chess player. Only time will unravel what is taking place today but I feel a hundred percent certain that our intelligence Community is indeed conducting a coup and they hope to remain peaceful but there's no promise of that I guarantee it.

I have said this many times recently, or written it at least, that there is one law of this land and that is the Constitution and its Bill of Rights and In God We Trust. Nobody will take that away for that is the foundation our forefathers gave us to build upon. It is the most pure and true promise of freedom that exists still today.

In a reply to a family member I stated thede thought today ...

Trust the intelligence community is working on first saving our country and then we can deal with any other unsavory characters,m meaning the possibility of DT being POTUS is tough as well, but truly not a bad ad much if the media has overplayed the American public for a bunch of stupid fools. For far too long disgusting people on all sides have bent the law of the land and abused powers to line their own pickers and now a very long line of money will and can be and is being followed through the likes of the Clinton foundation and you will see nothing but a long list of criminal acts and corruption for decades concerning HCR.

The amount of mysterious deaths surrounding the Clinton's so close is an absolute statistical anomalie. That points to much greater and deeper criminal culpability then most folks can comprehend and I'll say this looks like it will dwarf Watergate. Seemingly impossible. Study what we have list since the signing of NAFTA and understand this had been a systematic planned long term action. Most do not realize there gas been a war in philosophy fir generations bow and it starts in the schools of higher  education, the smartest place to start any long term infiltration.

DT is nothing by comparison, no matter how despicable in his own right, compared to the things HRC has done. Bernie had the nominee and that was out right stolen long ago !!! Bernie. As socialist as he us, is lovable and a healer and could have won because he appears so much more even keeled and sane.

The silent majority, and yes it most definitely exists, will stand for only a Trump victory or fight for the white House through any and all means possible. There is a coup happening currently that will go down as the greatest American chapter in its early history as we are about to fall as an independent nation and be sold out to a true and very active new world order. HRC is death to our country without a doubt and more unrest will continue to proliferate around the world. Do you see how she purposefully destroyed governments in Africa now displacing millions?

She is a liar and a killer !!! Donald has not been bought off not can he be owned so no matter what you think of how he has been portrayed, remember the intelligence community is handling him. This is all so very real it's chilling !!! I am only sorry the independent has not had some serious speculation in the very least. Trump wins popular vote in a landslide but the electoral college is where she can steal this election. Sterling, lastly I have watched this scuzzy couple get away with farvtoo much for farvtoo long and do no good for our terribly faltering country. I am a republican very distraught with my own party who twice happily still as a matter if fact, voted for Obama... You have to understand an agenda is set and this is who gets things done.... so I think Trump gets those things done this time and the criminal will gang for treasonous acts that may make in comparison to the treasonous acts of "pay for play" foreign affairs through the do called foundation, despicable, and the sexual scandal that is emerging looks to be earth shattering possibly.

These are great and epic egregious acts of immorality and unscrupulous evil that will surely go down in history as some of the most vile of pure and utter scum. This may be exactly what resurrects the Republican party. That no matter what even when it looks as though the party is in ruins, there are many working hard to demand the laws of the land are obeyed and those long acting criminals finally jailed and put away or put down for good. Look at. And I mean study very closely. Huma Abedin !!!

Again, I don't think DT is a long term answer but he is an answer that is cooperative with the intelligence community and law enforcement and with a victory on election day can provide a smooth transition otherwise, I think it'd safe to say prepare perhaps for great violence and war, that's what I fear is upon this weary nation.

It's truly a better time to not act out or speak out in hatred but stick together and become stronger, however, mist importantly, we better be watching over out backs !!!