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Friday, November 4, 2016

The Eve of The Fall ~ What It Looks Like Precisely from Here ~ I Am Program

Remember, that passion does not a side choose or a victor determine, and this is what it looks like at such a divide, this moment in our country's timeline in which I get this temporary and very personal and unique view.

My brother a West Pointer and I always thought of the brothers of the civil war and how they fought against one another from tie to time, and so I would just lay down a decision of my life the other shall make and live with such poor decision if ever there I were to find my fate, and I love my brother so and I adore him so and he is such an excellent example like my father so, each a part of that now long infamous long gray line.

Duty, Honor, and Country and how can I serve those ideals ? How can I personally serve those ideals?

There is only one law of this land and In God We Trust, simply means to all of your future you offer and dedicate at long last all of your life, without ever again a thought and only of your deepest dedication.

It's like being baptized instead, however, you're dedicated to a cause and a brotherhood, a sisterhood, a family, a way of life we all defend and first and foremost spread and share.

Sometimes the only difference in ur opposition is the way they chose to live their life, ad therefore so the way they chose to die !

I am certain me and my incredible brother are friends and always truly will be and sentinels alike, he better educated, I his younger shadow, twice removed, still forever close and watching and learning and defending liberty. I am not alone. I am not alone. There are so many other like me !

Go ahead and temp that hand of faith, as now a call was offered and heard and action so at log last you have, so now it is time perhaps to swing my Black Knight sword, but still patiently in these shadows I wait, I very patiently with poise so wait.

...and my life is nothing to offer in the face of what is about to be stolen and think not again in that blink of an eye your life flashes before you if ever you suggest ,y life you shall take and with such warning make, and I am never ever alone, many more just right behind me, I am never alone !