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Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall In Love This Autumn With Creamy Slaws ~ Recipes and Cooking

There is magic and technique and patience and chemistry at work here... No joking around with my slaw and the best is simple and sweet, carrot and cabbage, vinegar and sugar, and only the finest Dukes mayonnaise and all to taste. Shred nice and thin, preparation is key, prepare to your desire.

Prepare all ingredients to taste. Add a teaspoon a time of sugar mix and taste while doing the same with vinegar alternating until it's just right. Then add mayonnaise, and it's really even best if it's homemade too, it's just eggs and oil after all, whipped into a creamy concoction thst is heavenly and perfect if dashed with some kosher salt. Add the Mayo to the ingredients can once again make it exactly how you like it.

Mix all ingredients well. Add poppy seeds or it will never be just right and never use the outermost leaves and never the hard inside core of the cabbage.

Look for a smooth tasting  cabbage with less bite. Best yet even shop local and look for this during the farmers markets. one head can serve as a slave and a cooked dish too !!!

Let all sit and meld overnight in a sealed Tupperware, and I swear by tupperware, container and mix and toss again just before serving the following day.

Trust your senses and soon enough you'll find yourself in love with creamy mayo carrots and cabbage too !!!