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Friday, November 25, 2016

I Am Program ~ Excerpt

Life is truly just an adventure through different dimensions and it may be that we are in a three-dimensional world and that we transition into the 4th Dimension after we depart, who really knows, but wouldn't not not make sense in some sort of way and physics. And then to report or to observe having been to that place and to come back and to travel be it into the microscopic world or out into the cosmic universe it is all just awesome and although we stay put here on this planet through Optics and Technology we are able to see the physical reality that exists all around us comma I just hope that we are not mixing reality at this moment right now with trail of yesteryears, at least on the cosmic level. The physics articles I read today just keep getting continually more and more mind blowing. It's like fireworks go off in my mind sometimes when I read these articles ... Virtual reality in my mind is still incomparable to what technology has served up but nan, it's getting pretty close at long last,band then what? How do we entertain ourselves and bathe in the tidal swoon which is riches constantly reading hands, setting of wakes and waves, in which too many awash fully idolize and baptisimally bathe.