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Saturday, November 26, 2016

It's Time to Leave ~ Departure of Life ~ Excerpt from I Am Program

Window rattles,
Wind scathes my cold aching bones,
Old like the wind,
I ebb and pray to now go back home,
I'm tired and weary and weak,
And no longer any friends have I,
As I live in this gray and embark,
To push all further and further away,
There are no longer here any more days,
All is now certain lost and dark,
I'm going down.

I tearfully depart,
Try not to look back upon that youth,
That tear down ashen skin I cry,
Yielding some long lost heartfelt love betrayed again,
Another knife you stab I cry,
How many times must one man die?,
As much as I adore watching this close personal inspection,
It's the tide, the ebb the flow, the cycles of life,
and now I just want to so very quickly pass away.

I'm going down.

So many friends will watch when you drown,
Some laughing, dome don't care, some cold as they stare, none long enough for you when in your life it's the rip tide that finally at long last, tore you away.

I'm going down,
Come on and watch the show,
Should be grand as I go on down,
It should be so grand when I'm heading down,
I wish I could be there when I'm heading down,
I hear all my favorite faces are coming to town,
I'm heading on down.

So old like the wind it's time for this spirit that lasted as long as it could to now finally depart and ride on the wind to the light across the ether and to finally know that view and all that my body was so shall cycle through once again I pray each molecule only to bless and offer hope and strength as so must certainly have been given me.

I'll be the leaf in fall, the salmon that runs, the mantis left praying, the water carrying life, I am the rain.