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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Making Love To the Universe In its Entirety ~ Free Verse Expression ~ Excerpt / I Am Program

This morning, I would like to make love to the entire universe because the sky is like this brilliant peach and purple awakening from behind the black mountain etched in's awesome...and a few starts linger to twinkle and I cannot believe still again I am here and a part of it all, all of this awesomeness, and I know not exactly how those odds came about but by no other than divine intervention, is that not really the ultimate question kind of answered. This knowingness that this is all awesome and this will all in some way shape or form happen all over again, against even greater odds than life itself, even our own lives, and too we will each another be alive again, reborn, it is so promised ! It's true, and even science finds this indisputable, because, in time, life always emerges in the least expected of places in the universe and so life persists and in the universe, so it seems, against again the greatest of odds, life will always be. Would the universe exist if there was no life ? Its' really only a question of what's divine so let's just keep that personal and realize we are alive beyond any and all believable odds, you and I each today, all of us truly !!! It typically holds true that it's more healthy to stay in the light and to be of the light too, no matter how you slice it or dice it, it's truly never a bad idea.

Don't stay boxed in by a single set of beliefs but rather united in observed societal parallels shared.

We should most greatly appreciate the everything that we are not, and age in grace with certain wisdom as we low in most every way. Nationally, and Internationally, it is time before we each experience those humbling circumstances that we damn well better right this ship and get this baby going full steam ahead.

In other areas we need to stop the utter insanity that some of us are contemplating and know that there exists out there a love to fill that missingness within once again and you must have to hold on because miracles do take time and we do not pick miracles and we just stay of positive mind and faith and with this knowingness move forward and move ever closer to the ultimate humbling.