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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tectonic Conveyer Belt Theory

My basic theory here is that you can only map mankind's history back so far because the tectonic plates are on a conveyor belt themselves recycling the earth's crust constantly over eras of time, or even eons of time I should say, and this is no different than how the water circulates in the oceans, other than that it is at a completely different speed or rate, and this needs to be understood as even the ocean itself swallows up entire cities at times and maybe even continents at times, as we just don't know that history and this is all still so fresh today.

It appears that this is very true and we need to understand that these tectonic plates are doing the exact same thing. They are not just moving but they are cycling in certain directions and getting folded over or under (deduction and subduction, etc.) and then fresh new land is coming up elsewhere and this is again a constant happening. It appears an myriad forms itself.

It appears again wherever there's least resistance and things of that nature,... just different forces that are exerted by them pushing on one another and by things thst are happening down underneath and in the core of the Earth and and elsewhere and with so many different factors that go into saving this but it may be that we will never know all of Mankind's history because a lot of it is just been folded under and the world is never going to be fully recoverable but instead it will be totally recycled.

If anybody doesn't believe that just go watch a lava flow and anything else in its path. We can make nothing that can withstand the wrath of nature if she should choose to just completely demolish everything any given moment or collectively over long periods of time. So what I would like to call my theory is "Tectonic Conveyor Belt Theory". Now that this theory has been suggested people can start studying things in this new perspective to consider and understanding things in this new perspective and explaining things in this new perspective so that we fully realize that they're just part of history of mankind that we are never ever going to be able to trace back. We always look for answers and origin but the fact is it may not be evidence left to point to those exact answers that we desire so much. We might have to look for other type of evidence that might take out of the box thinking all together.

Is there actually any land on the face of the Earth that was definitely here at the origin of mankind? Can we even answer that question truly? The adventure begins now.

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