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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What of Faith Mother Fukkers / I am Trying To Provoke You ~ Think About It Editorial Style Slap In The Face ~ R Rated ~ Phisophial ~ MobiusTripz

If I said that what I see in suicide is a very deep lack of faith in something higher than the self, would you fault me? Is this an improper perspective to take? I am strictly philosophical so please for crying out loud do not be concerned, and trust as an adult I do indeed have sound rational reasoning for my question and do indeed look forward to candid answers and adults who can please not participate in or generate arguments. A man has a right to an opinion and I am asking for it and I would like to see others accept that, or not?

I am provoking a few things here for a purpose and so let a few comments prevail please, I hope for some deep interesting conversation about anything so needed, really, but the lack of faith today is far too prevalent.

Earlier in the day yesterday I twice spoke to a younger man in a joking way that always gets a few good laughs and never brings any sense of awkwardness. The remarks were funny about Sheetz pathetic sink design that is beautiful marble for sure but it splashes and the surfaces are flat and are always instantly soaking wet all over when it's used. Poor design where the proper finishing work and the proper faucets installed would make the form meet the function. So condense that into a few words and a finger pointing with some laughter... these sinks suck huh ??? ...lmao moderate Steve loud... you know as apparently Steve's are now finally at long last stereotyped in Hollywood and such and all that jazz and so on and so on, yeah, yeah... oh please, oh lordy, please...

Well, to get to my point I then said something else really funny too and he looked me dead in the eyes again and then he did not give an indication of laughter or a smile or anything... maybe I scared him ... but I know I am funny... so anyway it was honestly a look of nothing will make me laugh you fucker because I have no faith in anything and I am filled with hate. Is my generation a selfish one with children of hatred? Is that possible? Is is drugs like Ritalin and Adderall? Is it A shitty economy and selfish parents? Is it the failings of the institutions? Is it just pure and simply a lack of Faith?

To have Faith you must have a much deeper belief system and a foundation based upon principles where for these other slacking it, these people ugh...zombies, there seems to be nothing but black chaos and sometimes you do not know if they are even the person you think is your friend or associate or acquaintance. The fact of the matter is we never really know until the tragedy has been committed and it's too late and it's over. I could tag some people but, what point would it be?

We speak today with only God's grace trust me please because if it was left up to only I absolutely would have to turn my back as it is my natural way but to be what I claim I am as a man I have to practice another practice until it becomes as natural as an instinct and something no longer thought of but rather trusted in and it's called developing faith for me and for some reason I feel I need not train here today... I suppose and besides, the way a lot of folks have been asking what old "Hunter" (that's me apparently... oh please !!! (((Hunter S. Thompson))) lol) has been up too !!..., so, believe it or not back to I do speak to a few murderers and theives and folks that have had theie share of misfotune I also speak to the many fine men and wome of law enforcement and teh military, and many doctor and lawer friends, many friends of all walks of life really and even some real rock stars too !!! All with real life opinion, and yes some felons, some homeless folks, and yes with their opinions that count too. If their opinion is weak help them to find education and demand programs that help develope independence in short order instead of a socialist system that is self defeating to what America represents, however in different states we have different types of economies and governments and therefore there are times where other stypes of systems in certain locales are better suited and therefore, again, I think it is poor to stay boxed into one gener political philosophy in terms of how things must be always in our country, we are wise enough to hjave designed a dynamic system with flexibility and we just have to streamline it once again and make efficient and up to date as possible and in the reast , In Go We Trust, and that called Faith, I have never thought that was meant to be offensive either, abd we have a bunch of ninnies today that get upset everytime there poor little tissue paper feleings get fukkin hurt and I am about to start passing out knuckle sanwhiches !!! ...and so I speak to a few tough folks from time to time, becaus ethey are friends, they are also what I studied in college !!! Well, ...I like to analyze and if we can safely communicate form a distance I am all for the healing involved. Otherwosei,... I have great Faith once again. ... and so even as much as that hurts me and I have even explained that I feel it is not only proper for closer and healing but it is how I ws brought up and what I believe no matter how ridiculous and ideal it may sound to another.

Ultimately, whatever, and to eaches own, but a people without Faith are a scary people to me indeed or am I wrong ? I seek a root to these problems today and then a way to yank that from the ground root and all and do away with these ways that serve no modern good civilized ways to modern society where citizens have agreed on certain laws and standards and that the way its going to be and if there is something to be changed then through those proper channels we work properly to adjust those laws.

Again though what guides us is Fith and those not guided are scary, or is this a "Trumponian" type of bigwig bigly big league big headed pig headed with a comb over type of statement only he or a boffoon would make and if I am not him well ... ???

Faith, yeah that's the topic ! I know a lot of people that want to start ripping heads off and it's kind of wild. What I specifically mean is the modern failings of our country... people are finally starting to hold those responsible accountable and what is to come if pursued could be as big as or at least the next clset in size event wise tas compared to teh great withc hunts of yesteryear and it will be just like one and that is with these politicians that has no "Faith" and who tried to sell our country all the way out and just about have done it. We do not need a socialized new world order, we need independent contrieds that stand tall for themselves and have economies and fair trade and that work very hard to maintain the peace and weneed to continut to be the voice of freedome and we need to protect and maintain her voice and life here at home in the Unied States of America. I think however, there will be a proverbial "witch hunt" soon the likes of which we have not seen or thought imaginable and event size wise when analysing it well instead of witches its politicians and crooks who sold our country out and had their hands in the cookie jar at the time. They were just faithless pigs,selfish, and they most definitely knew exactly what they did !!!

were caught 100% with their handS DEPPLY in the cookie jar, and their fucking faces full of cookies they were almsot choking on with evil grimaces. You can see the ones with no Faith quite often and its simply a bodily expression and a facial expession. Thse magicians and contortionaists and actors know how to manipulate and keep moving forward and upward to the cost of others they have steamrolled because that type has so much faith they KNOW they deserv "it" !!!

Oh, trust me, more is to be reveale.


Now you can unfriend me if you choose but I must say that I am nit trying to argue simply read your thoughts as you have seen what I have to mix the pot and stir thing up a bit, as I am trying to provoke candid conversation at many angels as I can around Faith.

Faith, what do you think of it? ...and have you witnessed those without it before you reply? If the answer rings clearly in your mind no, please remain mute. If that fired you up, by all means make an ass of yourself. Just like hanging up a phone I can just delete a thread as again I am really not trying to be personal but again certainly trying to pull punches and jabs and heart strings and pluck nerves and piss the reader off because I want a mind full of fireworks blasting off all about what your thoughts are on Faith and how important it either is or is not in your life and how much you truly appreciate that we have the right to exercise that in so many ways that historically speaking in the past were forbidden? Just over 200+ years ago even before our country was tis' of thee.

Faith, what of it? Go...