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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Facebook is really something...I can change, or manipulate, my timeline as far as what I see from most of my friends,... from heavily laden liberal postings or to heavily laden conservative posting and anywhere in between, simply by what I post and what I "like", and it is fun to play the cards that I choose so that I can see it happen over weeks at a time during different segments I have chosen, and see the proof right on my wall!!!
Do not be fooled, social media has a strong bias too, and all should be aware that the best form of politics is a well-informed public, not a public that sees only one side of a coin with another side consistently invisible.
Part of what I enjoy through social media is candid discussion about actual real life important issues, and that is disintegrating through this media as well.
Share this if you agree and think perhaps a little discussion is needed, and challenge all of the media to report in a less biased manner.
I go to many sites, be they liberal, conservative, or somewhere in between to extract fact and draw conclusions upon, and I suggest you be careful what you "like" and where you source your information.
The bottom line is there is a huge degree of manipulation going on all the time and for only one reason, to become influenced so that your money will be spent how another wants it too.
There is never any replacement for an education drawn upon the best facts, or datasets, available.
I appreciate out political system greatly, I do not however appreciate at all, not one iota, the slants we too often see in most forms of the media today.
What are your favorite sites you can share in this thread that share facts and let you draw your own conclusions?