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Friday, January 20, 2017

God Bless America

You have to admit that most people, that means the majority, look for somebody in their life that they can look up to.

Knowing that and studying statistics and realizing that the population of the United States of America is over 300 million people and realizing that there are so many different special interest groups let's say for example it is almost just impossible to actually speak up for everybody and because we splinter the population in label everybody with these special interest groups we have Myriad minorities and not one tree single majority and instead of being able to speak up for the little guy nobody has a voice and everybody is over-sensitive and that is where we are today.

Now and on top of that big Pharma and you can think of big Pharma what you will but I don't think you'll argue that it's a problem that adds to these problems exponentially and we truly just don't know how much we may not find out until after this generation passes or the next maybe or never. There are certainly gains to be made to.

It doesn't matter to me if you voted for Obama last time for Trump this time. I voted for both and I'm a registered Republican. I voted for Obama both times because he is exactly what America needed and I voted for Trump this time because he now is what America needs and we have this to party or more system because it offers and Strikes long-term balance and we are sadly a short-term Society wantingour fix today.

At-best United States has been a teenager on the international stage and I mean in all of history and it's time that we start being an adult and that starts here when we all recognize that all of us are Americans. it also starts with other factors such as realizing as their there are others that want to be Americans to just like your ancestors. and if you don't agree with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights at all whatsoever this is a free country and you truly may leave you have a right to do that and pursue your happiness elsewhere to that is the beauty in the essence of this country we truly have Pure Freedom if you are a citizen in good standing that treats others with Civility and culture and respect and things of that nature, otherwise each strike against you shall hurt and hurt more as time passes.

God Bless America and God Bless every single citizen with no division today. God Bless our President and our President Elect. God Bless the true Patriots and those that think they are true Patriots because guess what they are too.

God bless this incredibly the store day !!!