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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My God & Boxed Religion ~ Excerpt ~ I Am Program

My God is a very personal God and he does not fit the conformists view and religion whatsoever. My God would never box a people in and control them and ask of the poor of their money to make one rich. The Bible said God would provide not the poor and I have a huge problem with these ministers today that preach one thing but walk another. We are all flawed and it is a world under a microscope indeed forget not who I am today Lorde and may the focus be on me love myself for you that high may lead a principled life and live in defense of those principles if need be but hopefully prosperous and this principles for all. help me to be a better disciple today dear Lord then I have been in the past and help me to offer others forgiveness as I realize they like myself are learning to, matters not at what age we are. Excerpt ~ I Am Program