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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Gods and Humans at Dinner

In the world of the artist, money doesn't buy the talent... struggle urns the talent, said Ligdenarbo.

And likewise, Language is indeed fascinating, and what you take as literal or not is entirely up to only one person, and that is you. Don't let somebody else destroy your day, never empower another so, Zifbztisuzuuzuu chimed in afterwards in accompaniment.

Word choice, as specific to an antonym in the first sentence, is personal artistic license, as is your own interpretation. Life is artistic license. License is privilege​ to gift, abused quickly, so ever lost, arrogantly barked Humbleohno.

Oh, at what depths, and oh, such blessed arts abounding, and, oh, such vetting at such a massive cost !!! ... but man always unique, "that could never happen to me attitude" tuned in sharp !!! (extreme- sarcasm)
Then Xvari Ableman serve another up says another of the Gods at the table of God's, mmmmmmm, humans... just like chicken. I'll take one more please, this time rare though.