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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Donald​ Trump Continues To Bait Tireless Opponents

Here is what I truly believe is going on... Donald Trump will bait his opposition with asinine comments so that they will go waste their time writing articles and discussing all of this stuff while he is busy.
People still think the guy is crazy yet he is a proven winner who strategizes and knows how to win and seems to be able to beat virtually anybody at virtually anything two get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
I think it would be wise if I had opposition and enemies if I could keep them busy elsewhere and their focus away from what it was that I was trying to accomplish that they might want to try to block. I certainly wouldn't give them any information concerning what it is that I am trying to accomplish and I've made that abundantly clear, right?
With this big of an ego which she really just plays upon because we just say what we want let the media make of him what they will without anybody really truly knowing the man himself we hear of this personality and we buy into it and he knows this perfectly well. Like the best artists can see themselves perfectly in their Mind's Eye and paint these incredible self-portraits so II can Trump see himself as clear as can be.
If you know a guy is this accomplished do you think he's going to keep purposely putting out absolutely asinine and ridiculous information that the average person is not going to believe? How is it that other people grab onto all of this stuff over and over again like he must be some kind of bath in?
Stop being played people and realize what is going on here!
You have to look at this fact he has upon the world overall and you have to look at where things are getting accomplished and then you will see what he is really up to and if you keep buying into all this well good luck for you the next 8 years.
The man is an obvious genius, so yeah, he really doesn't know any of this "stuff",... like he needs an education from anybody? He fully understands these things quite well and knows the fish will bite when baited.
Go look at my timeline and see who predicted Trump would win by a landslide and well before anybody was thinking he had a chance.
Nevermind, don't worry about, ...Don't bother at it, after all,  I'm crazy too, right?
Blub!Blub! ... he somehow knows everyone's favorite chum !
Next, I will guarantee that you will hear a similar comparison in the news that it will spread because that always happens from the things that I have speculated here in because I am correct and I have a huge readership in a Russia and China. Huge readership doesn't always mean numbers, it can simply mean certain specific eyeballs. Don't let big-data mislead you now !!! Lol
My Naval Academy friend suggested I study Big Data I think I knew what it was about thirty years before him and I'm 49. My best friend growing up there's an electrical engineer at Intel. Ivy eating crabs been wonderful Chesapeake Bay oysters at The Jeffersons Island Club. People that think they know me say I talk a lot. People that don't know me very well have no idea how well I listen. I studied a little science and a little art. It's all just smoke and mirrors. Too many opinions today makes division a common theme.
I mean really now, he gets a quicker education and Donald Trump? Nobody
He is the president of the United States and if he doesn't understand something truly he could actually make an asinine remark about it and get these kind of remarks back and find out the exact answer that he's looking for without ever even having to talk to the person and it happens immediately instantaneously. He doesn't have to do any work this stuff will just rise to the top. You have people here that are able to actually dip into Big Data with their computers and now know exactly what you all are thinking about that's the truth and that is 100% fact today. We have a world full of blabbermouths and everybody just wants to tell everybody else exactly what they're up to on there digital devices.
There's only one question today that I want to know the answer to and is that are you a globalist or a nationalist? You can't be both. I don't believe the Republican and the Democratic party Will Survive and I've already stated that and was the first person to articulate that and now where I believe we are going to have the globalist party in the Nationalist party but it's going to take some time for that to work itself out. We cannot trust the DNC and I am a person who voted for Obama for two terms although I am a registered Republican and voted for Trump this time. I think we are at the cusp of some of the greatest American history that will ever be made and it's going to forward this country tougher and stronger than ever and more powerful than ever before and as a trend sitting example maker and a country that works harder than any before it after a long and unfortunate pause from austerity and globalist maneuvering that almost bankrupted our nation after we'd already been plucked and Stripped by the vultures that ripped out the wealth from Middle America through the banking schemes these past few decades.
I grew up in Mount Vernon George Washington's home. I now live about a mile from his old headquarters and Cumberland Maryland. I had a house a few miles from Fort Duquesne and Pittsburgh and still own a piece of property near there too. I don't even try to do any of these things. I'll be visiting West Point at the end of the month. The military academy was inspired by George Washington and to my father and my brother both graduated from there. It is a beautiful and inspiring place where you are surrounded with Incredible leaders that are scrupulous people of the highest magnitude and honor and also with people of the deepest intellect and the highest of Education as well.
I wish George Washington could see what was happening in this country right now and I'm just constantly thinking what would he be thinking? 330 million people strong... or...330 million people weak?
I'm just going to sit up on top of this mountain here in Cumberland, Maryland and watch some more... this is fascinating.