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Monday, March 20, 2017

Squeezing Turnips ~ Excerpt from Tainted Goods ~ A Tale Of Drugs & Hatred (Upon Provocations & More Sinful Provocations)

You can't get blood from a turnip, saying goes. 

Why would one so inhumanely, even so, today, in a new day and age, so, try ? 

I mean... 


You squeeze and squeeze and ain't nothing coming out. 

Definitely no blood right ??? !!!

Might as well quit... Wait better, yet... Save your time and energy and don't waste your energy here at all under such circumstance. 

You cannot squeeze blood from a turnip and definitely cannot get $$$ from broke chap. In fact fukkin' leave him 'lone he might surprise you.

No... That's definitely not it... And I'm far you smart to be so naive... that's what I was thinking as I was being poisoned... and yeah... retrospect even works here from heaven... crystal clear as a matter of fact !

God damn mother fukkers.

Oh, yeah... Guess what... That's not using his name in vain ... Prima donnas!!! Ask yourself when you get here, better yet have the devil call on the hot line because we don't let your type in here... Ever !
It's not in vain because God has indeed damned you or else why the utter lack of civility and way you act about yourselves all of the time???

Such a wicked pack of heathens.

Some were never made for heaven just like others not made long for this earth. It's just a fact of the universe that every human experience will come to know. Undeniable !

Not feeling to well,
this place others place me,
a turnip squeezed until drops there are no more,
prisoner within my castle a nightmare you make this experience I shan't suffer anymore.
Your years of promises really veiled lies you tell still to my cold and dying waning aching sullen heart,
time wasted waiting for dreams to flourish never in which this way we're meant ever to come and blessed by you so be,
a wicked group are you and perhaps a quick slashing would have been a much easier and
you never committed to anything I thought we shared as one,
a blood red turnip squeezed until drops there are no more.
A conspiracy of tethered wicked lies,
a pack of languishing lingual tongue wagging sin,
all intent on only one target & final product,...

a surgical strike of never before seen multitudes of power,
conspiring together to take him down... 

Oh yes, 
we are talking the ultimate art of wicked sinful twisted delight ice cream here... 
good old fashioned murder.

I'm at the party too but no one even knows,
no one even knows it is I this party thrown,
I try to speak when spoken too and then denied,
Frustrated little child go hide,
while life passes you by,
again and again and again,
and be in about you way,
for this wicked world has measures that must be taken and for you are but just in the way. 

At that moment, 
like it was contagious, 
that child felt it too, 
just like a turnip done been squeezed for blood... 
no matter how hard it's not coming.

I will fit the noose if a fine silken tie,
better be tight,
definitely not to be denied.

Imagine when I'm gone,
 just hanging quiet and peaceful,
the bulging impressions burned into your mind now indelible, 
my popping bulging fukking eyes,
thanks for doing of all if this to me.

That's exactly how I want to go and that's exactly what you are going to see,
for all the fucking things you have done to me,
for all the fucking things you have done to me.

that's my payback bitch,
for what you did to me,
for what you did to me,
for what you did to me.

Excerpt from Tainted Goods  ~ A Tale Of Drugs & Hatred (Upon Provocations & More Sinful Provications)