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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Terrorists Waiting with Pins ~ Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

As a country we are like an over inflated balloon and we have plenty of enemies waiting with sharp pins.

How do we best deflate for our own finest interests?

What must we do to get our population to work immediately building the best country in the world even better and stronger into the new modern epoch of which I guarantee​ history will always remember as a brilliant era.

Let us now all get on task !

We have enemies with pins waiting. We have enemies with pins waiting. We have enemies with pens waiting.

We as a country are like an over inflated balloon, and we are very close to being popped.

There's a lot of hot air that comes from within,
you have to start wondering who is really foe and who is really friend.

A lot of hot air coming from within,
enemies waiting with very sharp pins.

I think it's time we all stopped so much chatter,
and giving away our plans,
take, stock and inventory, study assett allocation,
always every station remaining vigilantly manned.

Always answering questions first by looking introspectively first deep within,
Our reconnaissance on our own nation,
surveillance decades old,
Surrounded already in an instant,
Anyone threatening had better know.

We will only lose if we do not fight back !
That's a fact !
In fact,
that's all the facts!

Deflate purposeful media aiming not to divide, because that's already done,
So indeed it's now time to conquer.

So you must ask who and how do they attack?

Always follow the cash, always follow the cash,
Definitely the root of many sins,
Greed, corruption, always omnipresent at all of past civilizations ends.

The story repeats itself,
an over inflated balloon
this skip on a record in time,
​religiously again and again all to soon.