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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Be Inspired and Together Build

The greatest gift from empires of the past is the lesson of the greatness that can be obtained by working together, like building great pyramids, the very gears of time themselves, seemingly indestructible, as well as the failures from these ancients, which utterly destroyed empires many feared for millennia !!!
So, build again something inspired that for thousands of years ahead we shall place our stamp in time? ... or more unacceptable failure?
We fail when selfish, we fail when greedy, we fail when cheating, we fail often, and we fail gloriously today,... and indeed celebrate this very path exploited for cash, with lives of no value, this paradigm persists so still and why ?
Damn it !!! Why???
What will we now build that will unite a world willingly, as anyone else shall always stay and be lost behind. It's always been this way. This way of nature it shall always be.
What today shall we together build to last eons on our earth for all to see ?
A massive population united can do anything we dream. Anything!
Dream massive !!!
Oh what symbolic and beautiful thing can inspire a world to leave all too tempting today so very, very far behind?
Are we not a united population merely a mustard seed? Yet we know this promise each which tells us this size in just faith alone first can move a mountain.
That's just faith ? That's just something so many can't even grasp or believe. Once past this threshold and so lifted one can see a mountain small so easily moved. Let's be that, a population joined and lifted with deep and great vision.
Let us lift one another now.
So, again, what now so ispired shall we build.
What could even dwarf the pyramids? What will we build this eighth wonder now?