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Friday, March 31, 2017

Visionary Planes of Existence ~ All I Can See ~ Lyric Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

All I can see is the future coming faster and faster at me,
Traveling at the speed of light toward darkness,
To erase all these things that defeat the light from victory.

Time Travel

It's definitely real,
In fact we are traveling all the time,
Dynamic human dynamos,
Faster soaring and spinning around and around we go

Freewheel burning !!!

(Show the freewheel burning, base video around this visual)


It was told in stories this future truth, unfolding now in front if you, best understand the changes fast upon all kind, the uptake swift be prepared reading between the lines.


It's over at long last
Seems that it was forever we waited to be set free destiny had us frozen and trapped
A human destiny

Proof It's True

The proof of thought is its inside of each of us and free, burning inside all of us the same all alive these visionary places of existence, now fading in our wake, our beginning our past we leave so far behind.

Blast Off !!!

Explosion in the end, trapped, contained, harnessed, manipulated, once again, innate

and over,
The End