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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Trophy Atrophy

I'm feeling empty inside,

I'm 49 and blazing brighter than ever,

Flying fast and productive so

very much along this way,

But I know time shorter always is comma

More and more and more,

departures quickly on my way.

Who is he,

that holds the key,

to my future Destiny?

A trophy several comes,
At such a cost,
a ba"lance" so must be paid,
Cancer beat personal atrophy,

The lessons and sweet h all along this way

Projections long thought out and then planned out,
Till 49 so cast,
The planned life my mind's eyes perfect destiny,
No worries mate,
I know ahead this cost,
Blessed this life please know,
I move along often so I can meet so many friends of you more,
You are each perfect,
His masterpieces of art,
My loves,
Rest easy knowing,
I'm smiling now eternal rest,
A trophy life costs,
Somehow in every single end us each,

I love you and I'm leaving like always and I'm still crying,