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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Break Old Tired Behavior & Live Again

I know far too many people that are locked into very old tired patterns that need to break free and I pray to God that modern society will start to embrace what has 100% proven time and time again to be the most therapeutic treatment with the absolute least amount of side effect.

Certainly, we through modern medicine can guide our society better so that treatment and change becomes something simple and something without a stigma so that people can move through the difficult part of their lives with more grace and get back to being productive part of society where we all know we feel better when we are a part of that, and may our society provide more and more people the opportunities to be a part of that indeed once again. Seems that everybody wants to hide behind a veil and not speak up but of what Earthly good is that?

There needs to be real discussion about what works and what does not work and we need to figure out how to solve this prison population problem also where if my numbers are correct there are over three million people alone in the United States imprisoned. I don't want to change the subject or switch gears but I cannot help but do so because believe it or not they are closely tied together and my point in this department is it is a society that makes the criminal. I don't want to hear replies to this I want people to open their minds to this reality because it is this reality that I have studied closely most all of my life and it is an old Paradigm slowly washing away that leaves us with these heavy problems on us these burdens today which we must deal with these are realities and they cost more than the financial amounts people want to calculate and share because the damages that are done are through generations of families where this types of institutionalization reverberates and damages forever. We have a lot of change to do and we have a lot to learn but the proof is that we can indeed change and learn and let's hope that we continue to quick and that pace in all departments and quickly find peace and also that there will be prosperity and a great economic upturn in the United States and that there will be respect in that there will be civility because I know the citizens and good standing will not settle for less and I am one of those people.